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Are You Busy Being Busy?

Updated on December 21, 2012

Busy vs Productive

Are you busy being busy? What are you filling your day with?

Are you confusing busy with productivity?

I have coached many people in home based businesses and I find that most have a funny perception of work.

Organizing emails, surfing facebook, and rearranging your sock drawer does not count as work.

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Pay Time vs Non Pay Time

One of the greatest exercises my coach gave me to do was pay time vs non pay time.

Figuring out what time you get paid is essential. When can you contact your customers? When can you call prospects?

Activities that are examples of pay time are:

Calling prospects

Performing your fulfillment activity - i.e doing a tax return, teaching a class

Making videos

Activities that are non pay time are:

Surfing facebook


clerical work

The trick is to identify these times and activities. Then, always do pay time activities in pay time time and the same with non pay time.

This way, your day will be very productive!


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