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Are You Doing Enough For Social Media Marketing of Your Business?

Updated on July 6, 2015

Analyse how your business performs on social media

Millions of businesses are getting most of their clients through social space.
Millions of businesses are getting most of their clients through social space. | Source

Attention! Your Business’ Social Health Needs You.

Years back when businesses set up their social profiles on Facebook and Twitter, they weren’t aware of what these social channels are going to get them. Then, these social pages were mere sources of connecting with the audiences and to display some promotional ads. With the time, these social media channels evolved as virtual marketplace to connect and interact with the potential customers and build a social community that prefers to follow a brand. This was noticed well in time by most of the brands huge and small. They soon tuned to Facebook and Twitter to sing about their products and services and attract more to like and follow their business pages. They kept coming up with interesting news feeds and tweets for the customers to follow. With the time, businesses understood how crucial it is for them to mind their social media presence. But, not all of them knew what to do and how.

At present, millions of businesses use social media for branding, communication and even to boost sales. However, while businesses urge to get the best out of the social channels, they miss out on some or the other things. For this, the best solution they can resort to is to hire a digital marketing agency. This is what the major business houses have been doing. They hire leading digital agencies that take care of everything from managing the social image as well as utilizing the social channels for the business’ growth.

Now, the question is why the big businesses prefer relying on agencies to handle their social profiles.

The answer is simple, how a business performs on social channels is crucial. The audiences have now moved online. For everything they buy, social media proves to be the influencer. Facebook and Twitter have turned out to be the major research platforms for most of the online buyers.

Data says that almost 83% of B2B marketers consider investing in social media to increase brand exposure, while 69% use it to increase web traffic and 65% consider using it for market insights. Researches have also found that 85% of B2B buyers believe that companies should make use of social networks to present information.

Get to the most popular social sites


Is your business already there?

If your business is already there on most of the popular social networks since long and is keeping well with its social health, you don’t need to worry. But, if you haven’t done well to make it big on social networks, then now is the time to rectify your mistakes and do all that you haven’t done till now.

Go beyond Facebook and Twitter. It doesn’t mean that these social channels don’t need your attention anymore. It’s just that the social space is getting a lot more for the businesses to explore. Over the time, numerous other social platforms have evolved and attracted a great percentage of the online audiences.

These include You Tube, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

Below are some of the facts that would let you know why you need to tune to these social platforms.

  • Instagram has 300 million users
  • 70 million photos and videos are sent daily on Instagram
  • 80% of Internet users on Pinterest are female
  • 70 million users are on Pinterest
  • 88% purchase a product they pinned
  • Google+ has over 360 million users


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Social media mistakes you need to avoid

While a great percentage of businesses out there has attained significant growth when it comes to social media marketing, millions of small businesses are still struggling to get there. While many of them put in efforts to make the best use of their presence on social channels, they miss out on a few things that matter a lot. Here are those social media mistakes that every organization needs to avoid.

Don’t leave the profile incomplete

If you never took the About Page on Facebook or any other social channel seriously, then you need to rethink over it. It does matter to the users out there. It is the glimpse of what your business is into. So, don’t save few minutes of writing the company’s introduction, they surely not going to pay you back well.

Don’t just inform, rather interact

It’s good that you keep your audiences informed about how the business is performing or what all do you have for your followers on social media. But, don’t keep the communicated one sided. Rather, interact with the audiences and let them know that you care what they have to tell. For all the comments posted by them or a review added to your profile by them, do remember to give a response. It helps creating a connection.

Don’t keep selling

Numerous pages on Facebook don’t work for just one reason, which is continuous promotional posts. The audience on social media is smart and want businesses to go beyond selling. The key to social media success is to post interactive and informative content.

Wonder what your audience wants, not what you want to give them

People on social media follow a business when they find a sense of connectivity with the content shared by it. Thus, it’s better to be on the same grounds as your audience and wonder what would interest them.

Consider Social Media Agencies To Go That Extra Mile

It's true that every company cannot carry out the social media promotions in-house. Managing social media presence is as serious and crucial as formulating the business plans in a leading organization. A brand's social media reputation can pay it well, if managed with enough care. Numerous organizations consider to take care of their social media needs by hiring an in-house team, whereas many who don't wish to divert their attention to the social media from their core businesses simply hire digital marketing agencies. These companies are specialized in dealing with the social media profiles of companies operating in varied sectors. So, companies that aren't able to keep well with their social media health can get in touch with a digital marketing company to take care of the brand's social media marketing.


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