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Are You the House Dog or the Wolf?

Updated on June 3, 2017

One of my assignments as a freelance writer was to summarize 20 different fables and discuss the moral lesson behind it. One fable that caught my attention is the story of the House Dog and the Wolf. For those who does not know the story about the House Dog and the Wolf, you can read the fable below. (source:

Some people will choose freelancing because they do not like the idea of working inside offices. Freelancing offers more freedom than working as a regular employee. Freelancers can work anywhere at anytime and at any place they choose. They can also earn an income higher than salary of a regular employee, for example Linda Formichelli and Bamidele Onibalusi are freelance writers who earn around $5000 per month. They have even more rest days than those regular employees. In the fable, freelancers are like the wolf who prefers freedom over being enslaved in an office work.

Few disadvantages of freelancing though is they have to search for clients and they will not enjoy benefits that regular employees receive such as 401(k) and paid vacation leave.

Because not all people likes freelancing, they choose to be employed in a regular job. Unlike freelancing they have to follow orders of their bosses and they are required to complete specific number of hours per week.

Even though being employed may not sound good especially for us who loves freedom, it is good that people prefer that option other than freelancing. Why?

If all people want become freelancers, then we have no sales clerk, no teachers, no factory workers, no food attendants, no nurses and no public servant. In other words, we cannot push all people into freelancing since all people have different missions in their lives. Each person has a different role they have to play in the society.

We should not blame the house dog if he wants to become slave and we should not blame the wolf if he chooses liberty over food abundance. It is their choice and they are happy living with that. We have no right to criticize their choices.

In your case, what will you choose? A house dog or the Wolf.


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