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Are there any real business from home that can make decent money?

Updated on September 4, 2008

Yes start earning in four days

Although you may see so many websites and forums that answer your question. But you reached the right place beacause I researched about this for one year. Finally, I found one ...really geniune one.

There are so many ways which I tried.Out of which I found a few were geniune.The best way to earn money is through Google Adsense program. Thumb rule or the pledge that you should take is nothing but be honest to Google , to earn more money. Need more information regarding this please visit this link. To see more about this Visit this website.

2) Kontera

The next big website that allow you earn money is Kontera. Konetra is ContentLink publishers. Get an account from Kontera for free. To SignUp with Kontera go to this link

After getting an account they will give you a script. Paste the same script into you webpage or blog. Kontera will take care of rest. In the website where you pasted the script they will look for all keywords for which they have signed for advertisement.

Earning from Kontrea:

Kontrea will display the content link when user moves the mouse over it. We will get a Pop Out with an advertisement. If an user create an impression or click. Kontrea will pay you. Regarding the rate of payment towards the click rate you will find more information in the Kontrea Website.

How will I know the Keyword that earn money for me:

Keyword that can generate revenue for you may be known only through careful research. I will list you some keyword that will create revenue for you. Keyword listed below are the one I have tried but there are lot many available keywords.

Digital camera

Cheat code

Video Game


Hair product

Dark Knight

Season Premiere

Olympic Games

Foot ball





Sports car

Hybrid car

Auto repai manual

Fuel consumption


Briteny Spears

Foot ball



New York

National Park


Hiking trail



Windows XP

Free downloads

So try to include these keyword in your website or blog that will definite generate revenue for you.


Revver is website that allow you upload your own video and each impression made on the video ads will generate revenue for you.

There are two ways that your video and the associated ad can generate revenue: from impressions/views of the ad (CPM ads), and from clicks on the ad (CPC ads). When a viewer sees a CPM ad associated with your video, you get paid, no click required. When a viewer clicks on a CPC ad associated with your video, you get paid. In both cases, Revver splits the revenue with you 50/50. Please note that not every impression or click will result in revenue, as some advertisers only buy traffic from the US and Canada, and also multiple repeated impressions or clicks from a single user on a single video are scrubbed as duplicates

These are ways I have earned but still there so many ways to earn. I will advise you to stick with Adsense and Kontrea. Which will earn for you.




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    • jean2011 profile image

      jean2011 6 years ago from Canada

      Very informative hub, hopefully one of these days I will be able to share with you that I am making money on line. I voted your hub as useful!

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      i know one of my friends who joined this company and he is doing really well,which was to my surprise...seems like a genuine business and a good way of making money,if only i had time to do it myself

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      i know one of my friends who joined this company and he is doing really well,which was to my surprise...seems like a genuine business and a good way of making money,if only i had time to do it myself

    • profile image

      enlightenup 9 years ago

      nice informative short hub

    • profile image

      how to increase vertical 9 years ago

      Great Hub! Thanks for the excellent ideas in a good form.. I found lot of stuffs here..Very good stuff to be shared up!

    • karthickjck profile image

      karthickjck 9 years ago from Bangalore

      I have just found it. So even I have not tried it.. but we are not going invest anything to loose..except our precious time. If you like to know.. Scrap me again.

    • blogging2 profile image

      Rebecca Jones 9 years ago from Florida

    • blogging2 profile image

      Rebecca Jones 9 years ago from Florida

      Have you personally used it with results?

    • karthickjck profile image

      karthickjck 9 years ago from Bangalore

      I found one more way to earn money.. I anyone want to know it.. Scrap me back.. I will tell you.. Note: Without investment.

    • karthickjck profile image

      karthickjck 9 years ago from Bangalore

      3 months is too early to earn big amount. Any since you are spending so much time in hubs, you definitely earn a lot in few more months. Only way to earn more from Adsense is to get more traffic for your hub. Getting traffic cannot be acheived only by posting good article on your hub. It can be achieved only by huge backlink. Backlink is nothing but placing a link on some other related hub or website to divert the traffic from there to yours. More the number of backlink, more the traffic you get.

      Thanks for your question.

    • blogging2 profile image

      Rebecca Jones 9 years ago from Florida

      Thank you for the response, now I will ask another question... Obviously with being on Hubpages I am a Google AdSense Affiliate... But I have been going for about 3 months with over 100 hubs published and think I have made $8.67 so far... What am I doing wrong? I obviously don't click on my own nor would I go against their TOS and do that, but I am not making anything though I am spending A LOT of time on my hubs... Any suggestions are apprechiated! Thankd again


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