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Are We Making the Most of Our Time?

Updated on March 10, 2018
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Besides writing, Prachi is also into choreography and web development. She currently speaks Hindi, English, Spanish and a little French.


Time is the most precious gift, we have and yet we fail to handle it in our everyday lives.
Sometimes it flies away so fast, when we are enjoying the moment and sometimes, it passes so slowly like a turtle, when we are in class or at work. It is a situation of every other person who thinks there is very less time left or there is always very few hours in a day to accomplish something. This is actually true and if we have multiple responsibilities, then yes we are definitely going to feel the same way.
But the main thing to focus about is that each is us has been given equal amount of time every day, what makes the difference is how effectively and wisely we are using it.
So, the real question is how are we spending our time? Are we satisfied with the way it is going or do we need to be a little wiser to take advantage of it?
Well, this is what we are taking about. We know things on how to be productive and organize our life in a systematic manner, but still most of us are left with one thing, which is regret.
If we ever encounter a person, who is in their last days and ask them what they wish for and the answer is surely going to be Time. Now, the important thing is to ask ourselves are we going to give the same answer, when we will be on our deathbed. Obviously, no. we do not want such thing to happen. We want to be proud of the life we lived. We want our life to be inspiring and a life which is lived without any regrets.

How should we spend our time in the best way possible?

Not a very tough question and the answer is not tough either, we just need to follow these points with immense honesty:

  • Do things that we always wanted to and have no regrets
  • Enjoy every moment.
  • Live in the moment and forget the past and future.

To conclude what thing we must do first, it is very important for us to set our priorities. Now, the question is:

What are our Priorities?


While analysing what we should be mostly focused on, it is important to look at the big picture of life.

  • If our aim is to earn money, then we must spend our time mostly on tasks that help us to earn massive income. We should build connections that can help us in our progress to achieve the monetary goals.
  • If we want to spend most of our time with our loved ones, then we should plan our time for leisure activities with families and friends. Our top priorities should be outing to the interesting places, celebrating special occasions and having vacations and family dinner.
  • Moreover, if the motive is to leave a legacy behind and inspire others, then we must spend our time in scheduling our memoirs, so the story of our life and the lessons learnt are passed to our children and other descendants. The best thing about today’s world is the digitally advanced facilities we have. We can express our ideas and qualifications to the people across the globe with just a click.

Have your ever sacrificed your time? If yes, for whom?

At some points in our life, we all need to make sacrifices. The basic question that we should ask ourselves is “Is this sacrifice was worthy enough? Some of us sacrifice our needs to benefit others and sometimes, we sacrifice things to benefit ourselves.
As a software developer, working far away from my home town, I had to leave my parents behind and work all day long leaving very less time to meet and call them. So, I sacrificed my job and earnings to spend quality time with them. I know a time will come, when they will need help and won’t be able to do many things all by themselves. I do not want to regret that moment when they will not be by my side. So, I spend my day enjoying with them and doing my freelancing job side by side. It makes me happy and satisfied and there are no regrets. I justify my sacrifice with this mind set. I know I can earn more, but I won’t be able to spend time with my parents. My sacrifice is surely worth it and I have no regrets for I love them more than anything else.


Manage your time wisely

The best trick to have a perfect time management is to design a schedule that includes things we must do and things we want to do.
When planning the schedule, include time for exercise, meditation, work, leisure activities (such as reading, morning and evening walk, watching favorite shows and more), family and friends and other important things.

Be more cautious about how you spend your time

Are you spending your time in the best way possible and making the most of it? Or are you going to optimize your time by spending on most important things?
Among all these stories and tips, the most important point is to live the life with no regrets and the best trick is to make most of the time, we have.

Are you spending your Time without any regrets?

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