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Are you following the good life you have in your dreams?

Updated on October 17, 2011

Are you following the good life you have in your dreams?

Life is a dream... No it isn't. And you probably feel it if you are doing something that you hate. So I ask:

Do you have dreams of life to be better than they are right now? Do you feel like you could be doing more in life? That there's more to life than this. Are you stuck doing something that is so dreadful everyday where it feels like a prison? Do you notice that you are not full of life? Do you catch yourself dreaming out loud where people are annoyed? If so keep reading....

At a young age, children are often asked what they want to become when they are older. Most of the children say that they dream lives consist of becoming and doctor, lawer and even an astronaut. The choices that the children claim to be their "dream life" was actually influenced by that of their surroundings--i.e., what is in their text books and what they see on television. Is this something that is familiar to you when you were a child? Did you have similar dreams and aspirations? Hey, don't worry about it. This is not your fault. It is the way we were brought up.

Here are a few life lessons...

Now that you know this, it should not make you feel that you should go down those paths in life just to be one of the others. It doesn't matter if that is what your Mother and Father wanted from you. It doesn't matter if that is what your teachers wanted from you. Let it go! Think about all those dream life ideals they gave you; is that what you really wanted? Note that you are unique, and thus, should have a personal perspective on they way you want your dream life to be like. Therefore, your dream life should be something that makes you feel happy that is not swayed by the thoughts of the others.

Now you have to figure out what is your dream life. Can you picture it in your head? Ask yourself, "What is my dream life?" Maybe it has something that you do already to release some stress--that does not give you any stress. It might be the life that does not involve the opinions of the others. You get to call the shots. This dream life is where all your success comes from doing what you love and nothing more.

Are you still not sure on what you dream life is? Think about what you are passionate about. Is it playing the guitar? Talking to people? What is something that you can do where you can look back on your life and say, "Hey, I did that." Does that ring any bells for you? Ignore all your 'musts' in life like, your job, family and money. If you love doing something, but it is frowned upon by your close ones, you should still go for it. Remember that you only get one life to live.

Also, when it come to your day job--or career life--drop it if it makes you unhappy. Do you feel that it's something that you shouldn't be doing? Direct your life to a point that you want to be at. If you want to be a cook, drop all else and start cooking. You are in control of your life.

Know that nothing is stopping you from having the life that you want. Create goals to attain and go after them now! Prioritize and attack! Don't be lazy to attain your dream life. Laziness and procrastination is the death of you. Choose life not death. So stop procrastinating now. You are your own creator of your beautiful life. Don't let yourself down. Hope these word help inspire you. LOVE LIFE!


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