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Are you healthy enough to optimize your Business?

Updated on April 9, 2015

Often times, high pressure work environments demand 10 – 16 hours of attention a day: limiting the amount of time that a business owner can commit to eating, sleeping and interacting with friends or family. Some entrepreneurs succeed without allocating time for these basic needs. Forgoing work life balance for focus on professional skills, drive and proficiency, helps these founders build successful businesses, but rarely establishes a sustainable lifestyle. For me, this business model is problematic. I believe leaders need to take steps to optimize performance at a high level, because high performing leaders eliminate threats and recognize opportunities within an organization.

How do you become a high performing leader?

Leadership optimization starts from the inside out. A leader who gets enough rest, pays attention to their diet and reduces stress has a head start on the competition - literally and figuratively.

Optimized leaders tend to:

  • Wake up earlier
  • Work at a high level longer
  • Be approachable
  • Listen for aspiration
  • Leave a stronger first impression
  • Get more enjoyment out of their work
  • Bring people to their way of thinking
  • Create accountable teams
  • Appear more powerful to their peers
  • Leave a lasting impression on their customers

In short, being an optimized leader comes with a lot of benefits – you get to work at your peek potential and set an example of excellence for your teams, but accomplishing optimal leadership is not easy. It requires discipline, effort and out-of-box thinking to reach and maintain a high level of performance. The following infographic gives you a list of lifestyle choices a leader can make to stay and live strong while competing in a high pressure work environment.

Courtesy of Everest College
Courtesy of Everest College | Source

If the FDA approved a magic pill that covered all of your health concerns, and in turn optimized your leadership, would you buy it?

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In addition, to the personal choices a leader makes to improve performance, there are also a number of outside factors that play a role in an individual’s ability to stay and live strong. In order to safeguard yourself from these external factors, I recommend that you consult a physician for specific medical advice. Lifestyle hacks are not a substitute for professional medical treatment or diagnosis, but can be the factor that separates you from the pack.


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