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How job insecurity can affect your private life.

Updated on February 15, 2013
Held up in the office but too tired.
Held up in the office but too tired.
Loneliness has set in.
Loneliness has set in.

How your job can draw back your private life especially if you are a single lady.

When we get employed we all have a common goal of providing services to the organization as we get paid for it. However some employers take advantage of our faithfulness to the job and want to misuse us instead. Just like a parent tends to like an obedient child, an employer also prefers an employee who is committed to the job. This could result into being given extra assignments and working extra hours probably for no extra pay. It's not very easy to work from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm for six days in a week. Neither is it easy to do a job that you are always not sure of the time you will leave so you cannot plan your personal time. You will probably get home at 8.00 pm everyday from Monday to Saturday. So if you are single you get down to the house chores and by the time you are done you are sleepy and rush to bed. You are only left with Sunday to do your major house chores and go to church. So basically, you are held up to yourself and the job round the clock.

Why you should not overstay in such a job

There is very little or no time to mingle. As a single young lady, you might find yourself engaging in office relationships since you are mostly seen by your colleagues. Most of which are very unhealthy and end up quickly since you get into them for convenience. Some married men like running after single ladies in offices just to use them. The two of you are not bound together by any love, you could be deceived that he loves you yet he doesn't at all. The faster you get another job that values your time the better for you. This is very hurting for your private life.

This could also be one of the poorest paying employers in your country meaning he has tied you to himself and also pays you what is only enough for your basic needs so your personal progress is thwarted. You have no time to think of how to start a small business on the side or even discuss with a friend how you can start a partnership. It is you and your job. So what happens when he no longer needs your services? What about if the company winds up unexpectedly?

Most of the time people stick to such jobs because of their limitations or the recognition they are given by the company if they are assigned delicate responsibilities. Some of the things that can make you cling to such a job are:-

1. Your level of education could be so low that it's close to impossible for you to get a better employer. So education is a good weapon and it's important to take part time classes to fully equip yourself and be competitive.

2. You are blinded by the privileges you are given by the company because you are probably entitled to a company car and you are proud of that. If you are this type of a person, you will feel comfortable and probably realize you should have gotten yourself a better job when it's already too late.

3. You are the type of a person who is looking forward to retiring in the same job.

4. You fear adventuring in other areas. Remember the saying "It's better to try and fail than fail to try". If you fail to try you will never know that there was something out there that's better than your current job.

5. The company could be transferring you from one station to another frequently hindering you from settling down in one place and having something else on the side, or even getting another job.

NB: All these are to your disadvantage and the advantage of the company.

My recommendations

Do not feel young all the time. Accept the reality that you are growing older by the day. This way you will be able to give yourself a time frame within which you should have accomplished some set goals and you will never be caught unprepared.

Your employers intention is to maximize your services and is not bothered about your life after quitting his organization. Do not wait to get to the age of 45 years then start regretting your own actions. I have seen many ladies get frustrated and even depressed when they hit 40 years and they get jobless, have no good papers to show, no husband, no child and no business. You need to be focused and take control of your own life. Start while you are still young, time flies.

Fear will let you down.


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