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Are you ready to disrupter marketing?

Updated on April 5, 2016

Are you ready to disrupter marketing?

When Markentive was born, the agency is positioned directly on the creation and implementation of strategies Inbound Marketing. This approach initiated by HubSpot and came straight from the United States appealed to us, intrigued, and finally we satisfied with the initial results. If across the Atlantic this approach is widespread and unchecked, the French users of the method are almost figure of early adopters. Thus, even if the market tends to grow strongly since 2015, it has not always been so and it is natural to wonder what explains the French delay in the discipline.

Not possible for us to do the OLD in a new world

Initially, our finding was final. We were shopping, we were marketers, and our studies as our business environment did not let us see exciting prospects. At the time of mobility, the ubiquitous commercials, the decline of the press, the economic crisis of hyper competition, we wanted to practice a clever marketing. No communication. No market research or SWOTs. No SPAM emails or banners CPC. A customer-oriented marketing, intellectually stimulating for perpetrators and targets. Despite extensive research, we have found nothing in French and it is finally at MOZ and HubSpot that we found tracks that led us to the inbound marketing. So it is natural that we have taken this path , assuming that offer marketing yesterday to win tomorrow's customers certainly was not a good plan.

The Inbound Marketing is nevertheless effective and offers lasting results

Generate traffic, convert that traffic into leads and turn those leads into customers and ambassadors. That sounds simple, clear, mathematical, a kind of evidence. We take the usual tools of marketing and are at the service of a funnel, a shopping funnel, a machine to generate leads, sales, business. Happiness what.

Our enthusiasm has not always been communicative and our first cases were difficult. We even suffered our first attempts. We then realized that despite the apparent logic of the method, many companies refused to implement it, even losing a lot of money on other projects. We then faced quite special situations but recurred regularly if they could not be due to chance. The top 10 objections formal or informal which still hold the logical and clever marketing away from French companies (read between lines, some passages are ironic):

Here are the top 10 official objections or informal modern marketing

# 1 The marketing does not have to face sales

Yes, often companies are completely driven by sales that do all the work and marketing look what happens, makes and installs newsletters Congress stands. That at least is the vision of some leaders by chance from the sales happening the torch for generations, keeping away the magma communication / marketing / creation, seen as a cost center, far from generating leads or sales. Good luck to move this, this is sometimes contagious and hereditary.

# 2 digital is not for our sector, no one believes in it

Yes, digital is definitely a fashion and everyone will tire. Besides our customers do not even have internet. Soon the search engines and social networks disappear, all prospects will recover to happily answer the phone all trading harassing them, and carefully read every email and fax spam (yes it is) we will send them. Seriously you believe it?

# 3 We do not have the budget to do it

It's a shame, but yes it happens. In general, the well-educated marketer takes its budget in year n-1 and offers 10% of the stuff that market and 10% which is no market. Because obviously, this is not because it does not work that must be stopped, we would know, especially if it's nice the manager. At this rate, it is still difficult to get new lines and shifting the reading grid or take into account new KPIs. In Inbound Marketing, you can read every day and act in real time, which can be scary when one is accustomed to see the clipping of his news agency every 6 months.

# 4 We have already tried the digital: it does not work

We may even add to that: "Fortunately, we just took a student out of school and no one to train or manager, which has only 1,000 euros, and we have not invested in technology or an agency. We had flair. "

# 5 I do not really understand the methodology Inbound Marketing

Admittedly, this is not always obvious. However in 2016, it is possible for a marketer to take a moment to read blogs, make online certifications, in short, get to the page (even if we did a great MBA). Free and most of the time, it's even fun when loves his job!

# 6 Frankly there is no emergency

Sorry, but after a while, though. All your competitors it will be, will be archi referenced in the search engines and no one will know you, or find you. Admit that you will have it coming

# 7 We will not venture to do that, we can blame us fail

Doing something new is not always reassuring and therefore not recommended. In addition, innovate and drive change multiplies likely to fail or be opposed. It's painful and uncomfortable, it is better to continue on the basis of the existing 2/3 genre adjustments to our press release on Facebook & LinkedIn.

# 8 We work on our CRM project for now

CRM can be replaced by X conference, product launch ... In short, our ability to be visible, generate leads, customers and monetize our social media investments, SEO & SEA by making a smart marketing is not a priority. (LOL)

# 9 With all that content, our customers will need us

This is possible, but honestly ... it's frankly unlikely, or it must seriously ask you questions about your value proposition.

# 10 is already working with Publicis & Havas:

Congratulations, you have a joker up your sleeve to get out when things go wrong. No one can ever accuse you nothing!

If I'm being gone a bit strong and that this can become a caricature, some of these speeches are always running in our business and you will be facing. It sometimes reappear a little disillusioned and fatalistic marketers who end up accepting this inertia and after trying to change things fall in line and start salsa or take acting lessons to forget their day. If we have nothing here against the acting classes or salsa, it would really make your daily stimulant, put your marketing to your customers and your business. This will not be easy and it is the same clean change.


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