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Are you sabotaging your own success?

Updated on January 22, 2016


Our internal dialogue (the way we speak to ourselves internally) is reflected more in our external actions than we know. Our internal dialogue significantly affects how we function and operate on any given day. Likewise the positive or negative connotations that are attached to our internal language, govern our ability to go out and achieve things or to let opportunities just slip by. If your internal dialogue isn’t confident, then there is a high likelihood that you won’t exude confidence on the out side.

Confidence is the key element to making significant positive change to your life and to go out and achieve all you desire. If we build inner confidence, outer confidence will follow, but more over, our ability to convey conviction in all we do is a by-product. Conviction is not a matter of saying something, but SAYING it. It’s not simply just a matter of doing something, but DOING it. And it’s not simply just a matter of feeling something, but FEELING it so whole-heartedly that it takes over every square centimetre of your being. We can build our conviction by:

(Watch the video below before reading on).

Convey more conviction in your life and watch how those around you respond. Conviction is the difference between an existence and a life being lived. Use your Power Statement to get you asking more of yourself and to get you out of your comfort zone. Nothing of value comes within your comfort zone. So get uncomfortable, go after what you want and don’t stop till you get it. If you have belief and confidence in yourself then everything else will follow suit.

Power Statement


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