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Are your friends dragging you down?

Updated on January 29, 2016

Who are your closest contacts?

Who are your closest contacts?

It probably comes as no surprise when you hear that you are a summary of your five closest contacts. Now I know immediately what you’re doing now… “who are my five closest friends and am I really like them?” That’s the normal response, but delve a little deeper and we can begin to appreciate the magnitude of that initial statement. What if you don’t like, or respect your five closest contacts? Does that mean you are inadvertently becoming someone you don’t want to be? Well that could very well be the case.

When we’re younger it can be easy to get caught up in the wrong crowd, and through growing up we learn (hopefully) how to decipher between the people that are good for us and the ones that are perhaps not so good for us. If we stay with this example, think about how your actions (good or bad) are influenced by your peers, especially when you were in school, when we are at our most impressionable. Now whilst it may have been a while since your school days, they remain a perfect illustration as to how our friends can dictate: what we do, what we strive to achieve, what we value and the person we subsequently become:

Identify your closest contacts by watching the video below.

Do the exercise suggested in the 3min clip above. Find out exactly how your closest contacts are impacting on the person you are becoming. Identify the contacts that are good for you and make you want to make more of yourself, surround yourself with these people more often. Like wise, look at the ones that are having a negative impact on your life, is their time in your life just about up? Remember if you esteem your own reputation you are better to walk alone than in the presence of bad company.

Discover your 5 closest contacts


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