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Areas in Which Hardware Engineers Can Specialise on

Updated on November 26, 2013

A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering opens up several job opportunities before an aspirant. Those seeking a career in academics, usually pursue a doctoral degree. Otherwise, most of the top companies do look for graduates for their various entry level positions. There is wide scope for computer hardware engineers and they may specialise in a particular field within the industry.

Some of the areas in which engineers can focus on include:

Cryptography, data transfer and coding

The engineers specialising in these areas create methods and hardware to transmit data from a place to another efficiently, securely and quickly. The main objective of the engineers studying data transfer and coding is to improve the way data is compressed and assembled during the process of transfer. This practice is particularly effective in the fields of optical data transmission, satellite broadcasts, wireless communications and more.

Engineers dealing with cryptography formulate ways to make sure transmission of data is secure. Securing data stored in large databases or networks is their responsibility. They create:

  • Encryption algorithm
  • Hardware encryption methods

Communication and wireless networking

Advances in wireless networking and communications are the main cause behind the technological boom of late 20th century. The duty of the hardware engineers working in this field is to design advanced computer networks and communication system. They are proficient in error control coding and information theory. The engineers also focus on the ways of wireless data transfer using computer hardware.

Operating systems engineer and compilers

Establishing a connection between hardware and software is the main focus of operating systems engineer and compilers. They write down instructions that are required by the computer hardware to work correctly at the most basic level. Software companies employ these engineers in their development team for designing new operating system of the future.

Artificial intelligence and robotics

Professionals working in this field try to construct robotic devices that can perform the tasks in a much better way and more efficiently than humans. They design robots, for those industries where precision, speed and repetitions matter a lot. The engineers working in the sector of artificial engineering strive to design computers that can take hints from the surrounding environment and perform intelligently.

Speech processing and image signal

It is the job of the engineers working in this field to ease the interactions between computers and humans. An area that has become immensely popular is speech processing. The hardware engineers are relentlessly trying to figure out ways so that computers can understand human speech pattern and respond accordingly.

Computational Science

Computational science is a field of mathematics and engineering that focus on complex mathematical problems. The engineers working in this area design computer network, supercomputer and other hardware devices that can be utilised to perform calculations.

Mobile computers, distributed systems and computer network

The hardware engineers focus to build computer infrastructure that power today’s modern world. Their duty is to design computer networks and make the parts and hardware work in synchronisation. On the more, some of the engineers are involved with the design of mobile computers. The transient world, craves for portable and lightweight computers, which has raised the demand for these engineers.

Embedded systems

The embedded systems computer hardware engineers try to enhance the efficiency of already installed computer systems.

System architecture

Computer system architecture is an exciting area of computer technology. The hardware engineers involved in this area mainly focus on the design of microprocessors and hardware for today’s computers.

Due to rapid technological changes, new areas keep on evolving which gives birth to new scope for the hardware engineers. However, companies and employers, while recruiting for hardware engineering jobs, prefer candidates well versed with the latest developments in the field. The engineers also have to undergo training to keep up with the advances.


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