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Article Marketing: A Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Advertising

Updated on December 13, 2012


You’ve finally launched that website for your business. That’s great but now what?

You’re probably one of many local small business owners who think that once you’ve launched that business site, people will just find it and start ordering your products and services in droves.

Sorry, but unlike Kevin Costner’s film “Field of Dreams,” customers won’t just show up begging for your product. The web just doesn’t work that way…and contrary to popular and unfounded beliefs…it never did.

You actually have to do a lot of work to get traffic to your website, so the question is how are you going to get that done?

Advertising had to be the first thing that popped into your head, and it’s the right answer to the question but your budget’s so tight you can’t afford a bag of Planters nuts so just how are you going to advertise?

Traditional advertising’s not as affordable as it once was. Out of pocket costs for traditional advertising can range from $4000 for a local cable television spot, and anywhere between $200 to $1000 dollars for a local radio ad that runs for 60 second.

I’ll bet your shaking your head right now after seeing those figures, and I’m also sure that now you’re thinking that you’d rather have taken your chances playing craps or the roulette table at a nearby casino.

Don’t throw in the towel just yet though…I want to share something with you that you may not know about… a way to advertise on the web that’s just right for a small business owner on a tight budget…it’s called Article Marketing.

One of the golden rules of the web advertising is that in order to drive traffic to any website, it has to have something that we like to call…words.

In this case I’m referring to words that take the form of an article, but not just any article. No we want to place articles on your website that are about your product or service.

And we want to do some things with those articles such as:

  • Make sure that they contain keywords targeted to potential customers searching for what you sell
  • Make sure they’re optimized for SEO purposes
  • Add images with tags that also target your keywords

But there’s still more work to do if you want to drive that all important targeted traffic to your site.

After you’ve had some quality content written for you by a local content provider who’s well versed in that area, you’re going to need to have those articles submitted to a few book marking sites such as:

  • Tumbler
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • Flauntt

Okay, I know.

About now you’re probably thinking to yourself “isn’t this enough already?”

No, it’s not.

There’s still more work to get done if you want to take full advantage of an Article Marketing campaign.

The other thing to do is take some of those great articles and re purpose them.

What’s “re purposing your asking…re purposing old content just means that we’re reusing it. We’re representing that old content in a fresh way, and for the purposes of Article Marketing we take those articles and re-write them so that they’re fresh and they present new insights on the subject matter they cover.

Now here’s the best part about this type of advertising, the cost tom you in the end is a fraction of what a traditional ad campaign would cost.

I will let you know that pricing for Article Marketing will vary from company to company, and is usually dependent on that company’s size.

If you work with a small local content provider who’s knowledgeable about the process, it’s almost a certainty that they’ll offer you some package deal on a complete Social Media package that includes Article Marketing.

If they really want your business they’ll add a few other services that become part of a total social media package:

  • Facebook status updates and posts to your Facebook fan page
  • Posting to Twitter
  • Submission to article directories

Let’s make something perfectly clear though…this is a time consuming process. We’re not talking just a few weeks…we are talking several months for this type of advertising technique to take hold.

But when it does you’ll be glad that you hung in there for the long haul, because the benefits to you and your business will be like hitting that jackpot at that local casino that you love to spend so much time in.

Lew Newmark is the driving force behind KeyWords Media.


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