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Article Marketing For Traffic

Updated on July 31, 2010

Using Articles to Drive Traffic

One of the largest obstacles faced by website owners is getting traffic. It has gotten easier than in years past though.


Articles can be real traffic magnets. Sites that are rich in content seem to be attracting visitors in record numbers and doing a more efficient job of it than other forms of online advertising. There are numerous ways to make the content of your site grow. These include writing and hosting blogs and forums on your site. Creating and exchanging and posting articles is also very effective

Article Marketing is a Traffic Magnet

Articles For Content

You can use other people’s existing articles to add content to your site.  Such articles are found at article directories and article banks. They are large repositories of free to use content, as long as you follow the terms of use and leave all links in tact; you can copy and use these articles on your own website.


When using article banks for content be certain to look for articles written by a reputable expert or professional in the particular field your website is about. Their articles are more likely to be of a high quality. Check the links that are in the article. You do not want to use articles that link back to questionable pages, pages with low page rank, link farms and the like. Search engine will judge you on your links and they are only valuable if you are linking to reputable pages. Links to reputable sites are very valuable as they not only help the search engines to categorize pages, they reassure them that their links are genuine and that any content linked to them is likely to be from a good source, and not involved in any unlawful link exchanging.

Article Distribution and backlinks


Article distribution has become one of the easiest, effective and most popular ways to promote a site and create back links. When you write and distribute articles you are also laying a foundation for future residual traffic. The process is relatively simple and the promotion occurs almost automatically for you.


To start you will want to write a fresh and original article, be sure it as highly related to the topic of your website. Be sure to include your web site details including a link.  It is also important to complete the personal information in the resource box/bio of the article directory you are submitting to. This information goes along side the article. The better the article and the longer it is in circulation the better reputation you will earn as a reliable source of information. Submitting your article to various article directories and article banks will extend your reach and will more webmasters the chance to read your content and post it to their own sites, while still keeping your links intact. The more the article is passed around the more it is going to be read. This will increase your reputation as an author and the number of visitors to your main site will increase. It doesn’t have to stop with article sites. Content is also used by editors of e-zines, newsletters and other online publications, it is possible for your work to be included in any of these, and all of this will lead to a major increase in the volume of internet traffic back to your site. This is the power of one article, now multiply that time 100 articles and you can easily see what a lucrative form of advertising it really is.

Duplicate Content


There has been a lot of talk about duplicate content, there is a yes and no answer to this, yes it is bad for the low ranked articles sites, but the high page rank article sites do not really suffer that much from duplicate content. Google for example will index and display search results for the same article multiple times, but only is it comes from the top article directories.


Here are some of the top directories. They are in alphabetical order:


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    • profile image

      hsindependance 7 years ago

      I will check them all and update the hub.

    • cpa profile image

      cpa 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Good information.

      Are all of the above giving out dofollow links?

      I thought I noticed that some had changed to nofollow.

      Hubpages system of nofollow vs dofollow is so fair

      and sensible - I hope others will follow their model.