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Article Marketing: Where Is The Money?

Updated on October 9, 2011

Article marketing is a sure way to make money online but first you need to know what article marketing is and what it is not!

Article marketing is not easy money. The internet has one point five billion users and it means the market is huge but the amount of sellers trying to reach that market is equally huge, which means, each article you write will be read on average by just one person, which is you...

Where is everyone else then?

They are visiting high quality content websites, they want to see high quality news, facts, music, videos and images.

If you can master the science of writing good news, you can also dominate the science of writing good articles that sell products.

Writing an article that sells is not writing a sales page, that part is done on the sales page, not the marketing page. To make a person click your link, first, you need to give what they are looking for, which is part of the content, something like a demo. After seeing the free part, leave them wanting more, which is to pay for what you sell.

Writing one article alone will not make you any money. You need to be like Sean Mize and write at least 24.600 articles like he did for Ezine Article. That will take you several years of hard work of course, but it is doable.

Sharing your articles is equally important. As soon as you publish the article you will get traffic from the article directory and from search engines, but you should also be able to get traffic for other sources. You should notify all the people you are following about your article, such as posting on forums, commenting on blogs and of course using Facebook. If you write just about one topic, let's say article marketing, start a Facebook fan page about article marketing and see how many people you can get to follow you. This way, when you publish a new article and it goes automatically to Facebook, all these people will see the link. This is perfect to attract as many people as possible to your articles.

Selecting the right products to promote is equally important, because if you are going to promote products that do no sell because they are low quality, you will never make a cent.

Article marketing is here to stay but only as long as you keep up the hard work.


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