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Article Writing: Websites Not Worth Your Time

Updated on October 10, 2011
Coins, Money
Coins, Money

Not all writing sites were created equal

Making money writing is possible, but only if you write for the right website


This website used to be among the best sites to write, each article would make at least 10 cents a month, so with a couple hundred of articles you would earn enough to pay your internet bill. However, since 2010 that Triond traffic is going down, the amount of low quality articles going up, and the internal ranking is so unfair that even writers with no articles rank among the best writers. This website is not worth your time anymore.


This site used to make some cents a month for each submitted article but now with the traffic so down each article makes you no money - no money at all!


Another site that used to pay 2.5$ per article but that was back in 2009, now this website not only pays for articles, it also has almost non existent traffic for the amount of articles published.


Adsense revenue sharing site with almost no visitors - not worth the time.


Back in 2007 and 2008 when there were little lenses, this website was great to write for and get paid in the process. However as soon as millions of people joined the site, we had to share the visitors and it is now impossible to make any sales... even the rank is so unfair, you can see low quality lenses at the top... why? Don't ask me, ask Squidoo.

All other site

I am yet to find a good writing site that works perfectly fine right now. The only exception is Hubpages that is able to generate hundreds of visitors for each article.


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