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As I see it: 7 overlooked items to Ensure a Successful Event

Updated on March 23, 2013

Get your PHD for your event.

In our continuing efforts to tweak our marketing, advertising, pricing and entertainment of our events we have a tendency to forget some very basic fundamentals in what makes our event appealing to our target audience.

If we are trying to attract that prime 29 year old female with children then that demographic, by assumption, common sense and marketing research dictates exactly what we, as event promoters we must consider making the event appealing enough to start great word of mouth and a desire to return to your event and/or your next annual event.

Here are seven major items we need to address each time we build an event that strives to attract this demographic.

  1. Cleanliness! We need to make sure trash cans are continually emptied so they never flow over the top and onto the event grounds.
    1. Have clean up people “sticking” and sweeping up area constantly. This serves two important purposes:

i. Perception of cleanliness – People will notice what your event is doing to show due diligence.

ii. It shows people you have respect for your attendees and your event grounds.

  1. Hire people to be attendants in your restrooms. Again this serves a couple of purposes:

i. It provides Security

ii. It helps to keep the restroom clean

iii. Provides you with another set of eyes to spot potential problems.

  1. Have plenty of trash cans.
  2. Security/Safety is a major item to consider when building a successful event because if your attendees “feel” safe, they will tell others, spend more time and money as well as be a return guest. Providing a high profile security presence, and making sure your restroom attendants are also charged with this responsibility too will create a very attractive event to attend.
  3. Make sure you have ATMs available. 85% of all cash through on ground ATM transactions stay on your event grounds.
  4. Book the grounds, special and strolling entertainment that will appeal to your target group.
  5. Book headline entertainment that will appeal to your target audience.
  6. Price your event to generate the most traffic. You want your guests to feel they got more than their money’s worth.

Have great success with your next event. Become a PHD for your event.


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