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Asphalt Mixing Plants

Updated on January 11, 2020



There is a proverb saying that tells that if a place wants to progress to rich status, then the first thing that is needed is a road that facilitates smooth transportation traffic flow so essential for economic development of the area.

To ensure quality roads, it’s important that they are build properly. This is where anAsphalt Mixing Plant is essential to assure the same in the course of a road building project. A quality Asphalt Mixing Plant offers a production process that involves the mixing of granite aggregates and bitumen to give asphalt mixtures, widely used as a road-paving material.


Termed as key equipment for any type of road Construction Company, Asphalt Mixing Plant designed and manufactured to exacting international standards offers excellent service life, mixing properties and overload capacity.

Modern Asphalt Mixing Plant is suitable for semi-mobile and stationery use thanks to the design of the main components in container format with plug-in wiring that facilitate ideal transport options and reduced set-up times. In addition, they also offer a high-level of flexibility, varied options, recycling feed systems and continuous retrofitting options.

Furthermore, large storage capacities in the hot-bin section and mixed material loading silo, and intermediate storage of the dried, heated, and sorted virgin material is available in varied capacities, which provide for real added-value.


  • PERFORMANCE: Modern Asphalt MIXING Plant offers excellent economic performance, with low operating costs. In addition, its thermal power system design adopts standard system with accurate weighing system, best of its kind matching in-fuel consumption and power use, etc. All of these help to save up on production costs during an operation process.
  • FLEXIBILE ASSEMBLING: The concept of unit design helps to facilitate easy assembling of cold aggregate warehouse and belt conveyor, in line with user’s recommendations. Further, belt conveyor based on variable frequency speed regulation, can be adjusted automatically as per production setting and matching requirements.
  • EFFICIENT & RELIABLE DRYING HEATING DRUM: Four shaft mounted motor reducer drive, facilitates the working of dry return drum, easily and freely. Further, the optimised feeding blade design helps to make heating more uniform and ensure high utilisation of heat energy. Loss of heat is effectively prevented through usage of rock-wool and stainless-steel out of the drum for insulation. Finally, rigorous calculation and careful heat treatment will ensure that drive-drum and imported bearings have effective long service life and reliable working-span.

In addition to the above, flat belt and oblique belt adopts famous brand reducing motor and stays equipped with rectifying and adjusting device. This ensures that when the material gets broken, sound and light alarm will still keep working.


Asphalt Mixing Plant comes in two categories – batch mix (called Asphalt Batch Mix Plant) and drum mix plants (called Asphalt Drum Mix Plant). While Asphalt Batch Mix Plant produces hot mix asphalt in a series of batches, an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant produces hot mix asphalt in a continuous process.

The dynamic simulation design of each type of Asphalt Mixing Plant comes with excellent structure and layout of the blade and lining plate. This helps maintain production capacity and quality perfect combination.

Further, each plant produces different qualities of hot mix asphalt with variations in them allowing for addition of RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement). They also make it possible to alter and use for production of hot mix asphalt using recycled material.


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