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Astrological Facts about Ruby Gemstone

Updated on May 9, 2016
Ruby Gemstone Ring
Ruby Gemstone Ring | Source

Ruby gemstone is a very popular astrological gemstone. As History suggests, The People of Royal Statuses used to wear it since long ago. It is considered a priced possession because of its beauty and rarity. Ruby is a stone with red color. It is a form of sapphire. The sapphires with red Color are given a special name – ‘Ruby’, also called ‘Manik’ in Hindi. The Name- ‘Manik’ is derived from the word ‘Mani’, which means ‘Precious & Powerful stone’ in Hindi. Ruby has been a part treasure of Royal Families and Famous kings. Apart from jewelry, Ruby is worn for Astrological Benefits. Ruby is believed to possess immense powers. As per ancient astrology, Ruby symbolizes ‘Sun’. Small Ruby gemstone possesses the Power and Aura of the Sun and passes on the acceptable portion of the Sun energy to its wearer. Sun is considered the King of all the Planets. In real world also, there will be No life without the sun. Hence Ruby is Life stone with enormous healing energy. Life becomes dull, lazy and infected if Sun does not shine for few days. Similarly, if the person does not have enough impact of Sun in his life, he will suffer demotivation, Dullness and failures in his endeavors. Wearing Ruby gemstone brings back the energy, Good Luck and Motivation in a person’s life. If the Sun is favorable than the Whole planet system works in symphony because all the planets revolve around Sun.

Sun is considered the head of planet-family. Head of the family keeps the family intact and disciplined, similarly Ruby symbolizes sun and helps in keeping the family life in fine shape. Therefore this stone is considered highly beneficial for improving Family life. It can cure the sourness and Coldness among married couples. Couples with disturbed marital relationship must wear Ruby gemstone to re-ignite passion in their relationship. Ruby cures the dullness and coldness of the marriage. It also helps in overall cordial relationship among all the family members. It improves the bond between Parents and Children and aged members of the family. Hence Ruby is the best stone for enjoying the happy family life.Always buy Ruby gemstone with special care. You can buy Ruby gemstone online and

The Sun also represents confidence and Leadership. The Sun has the responsibility to drive the world and give energy to all living beings and life-systems. Wearing Ruby gemstone makes the person responsible and gives the power to even take the responsibilities of others. The leadership qualities develop in the person after wearing Ruby. Ruby can be worn in Ring, pendant and Bracelet.


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