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Attention Shoppers: Here Are the Rules on How to Behave in and at Walmart!

Updated on August 24, 2012

We ALL Contribute to the Environment in Which We Live and Shop:

Walmart gets a bad rap with the general public. If you have been inside one recently, you will quickly notice it is a vulgar demonstration of the worst example of human behavior known to man. Critics are quick to target rude Associates and Employees as the cause of the breakdown in civility beyond the blue and white sign. However, after spending my fair share of time as a shopper, it is no wonder why Associates are less then cheery in their work.

Rude behavior is bad for everyone. It hurts sales, hardens Associates, makes everyone less cooperative, and contributes to a negative outlook on humanity in general. Sadly, human beings need rules of how to conduct themselves in Walmart and the public in general to improve this necessary experience for everyone.


  • 20 Items or less MEANS 20 items or less! Getting into the express lane with 21 items, forgivable.. getting into the express lane with 50 items.. HEINOUS.
  • When you are shopping.. don't leave your cart in the middle of the isle. Don't park your cart on one side to block the other while pretending not to notice there are 10 people trying to get by you. Sure, you may be "special", but you are not the only Walmart shopper.
  • We all run into friends and family in Walmart from time to time. If you have a family reunion, don't do it in the middle of isles or major intersections. Move it to a less crowded area of the store.
  • If someone is selecting an item in the area you would like to shop from.. wait your turn. Do not reach across strangers with your donkey breath and body odor. It is incredibly rude to violate the personal space of others, even if you think your shopping needs are more urgent than other shoppers.
  • Would the five extra steps it take to return your cart to the proper return area really kill you? Your laziness drives up prices for all of us.
  • Walmart is not a playground for your sticky children to run rampant. No one finds it "cute" but a negative reflection on the parents.
  • Some people bring the entire extended family to shop at Walmart. Families and groups of four or more would be kind to walk in single file.
  • Walmart does offer restrooms to their customers free of charge. Considerate shoppers would be kind to remember this rather than passing gas in the isles. No one thinks your toxic emissions are funny.
  • Clothes are not optional at Walmart- they are required. No one wants to see your butt crack and other body parts.
  • Enter Walmart under the sign that says "Enter". Exit Walmart under the sign that says "Exit". While it sounds simple, do not be so surprised when people give you dirty looks while you block all incoming shoppers with your full cart.
  • And the most volatile of all... The worst display of bad behavior in Walmart is watching you beat your child senseless and yell at it for crying. YOU brought the child to the store tired and hungry.

Walmart and society would be a much better place in general if shoppers would be respectful of each other and remember these simple rules of civility. We all contribute to the enviornment in which we live.

Feel free to leave your comments and share your Walmart Horror Stories!


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