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Author Marketing Tip - Contact Local Media

Updated on September 10, 2017

When one thinks of media attention, they tend to move to the big guns that are broadcast across the nation and world. That is what we mainly are exposed to, but we seem to forget that local media that is near us that we still see everyday but don't remember.

Let's explore those you have forgotten.

Start Small

The local media gets missed by so many authors. They tend to think so big that they forget the resources right there in their home town. That's understandable, but success begins where you are. It is good to think big, but you have to begin small. From there great things can grow.


Every town has a local newspaper. Trust me, I have lived in some very small towns. They all have a paper they call their own. That's not the best part. That comes in the fact that local papers tend to favor local news. That means you.

The smaller the town, the more interested they are in local news. They will be more likely to feature an article on your book or your writing process. While that might sound good for the moment, but you want bigger things, it could lead to bigger things. Larger papers do read what smaller papers publish. They never know where they might find a good story. You'll be exposed to them when you are able to utilize your local media.

The larger your local paper, the more direct you have to be in getting attention toward your work. I live in a larger city. The local paper is rather large and covers as much national news as local news. There is only a small section truly devoted to local attention that does not involve drama and scandal. You'll have to search for the right contact to get your paper to work with you. Despite that, there are local publications that still get into the hands of people who live here and read it. It doesn't hurt to try because you never know who knows who.

Local TV Station

I think we forget that we all have a local TV station or two. That is because most of the time, they are broadcasting national shows. Most of us don't notice in the mornings, many of our local stations have local broadcasts. I only know this from my time working from home. After the national morning news, the local stations reverted to one or two local talk shows before switching back to national shows. They are a great way to get some attention for your book.

Contact your local talk shows. Send them a letter and a copy of your book. You never know when they might agree to have you on the air. That is big exposure for you. Remember that the larger shows are always watching the smaller ones.

Radio Shows

Every town has a handful of these, even the very small ones. They have times during the morning and evening where they bring guests on the air. They are always looking for someone to bring to their listeners.

Send them a letter of inquiry along with a book or two of yours. Maybe even links to your blog posts could be sent. Give them a reason to ask you on.

Local Bloggers

There was a time where the only media outlets were the ones already listed. Those days are past us. The Internet has brought us new media outlets in the form of local bloggers. In fact, there are more local bloggers than there are more traditional media outlets. You might dozens or more in your area writing on local topics. Contact them. See if you can guest post on their site. They might do a review of your book. You might be surprised how many there are in your area.

Look Around You

How many resources you have at home depends on the size of the community you live in. Small town? That could be a slight advantage as you are not competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of other people wanting attention for their work or product. Check out the local newspaper and TV station as well as radio station. If you don’t have any of these, check out the towns closest to you.

In a big city, you have more resources, but you are also a small fish in a big pond. Check out the same resources, but be selective in which ones you approach. Not all will be interested in your book. Also, make sure your pitch is creative and eye catching.


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