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AutoClickProfit scam - Don't buy it period

Updated on July 15, 2012

Auto Click Profit Review

Auto Click Profit - DON'T BUY IT!!! I just said it once again. Don't waste your time and money on this worthless piece of software. The sales page with the long video will really entice you to buy this product but don't be fooled. There's really nothing special about this product and there ain't gonna make you any money at all.

I found Auto Click Profit while checking on Cbtrends to see what the trending products on Clickbank. Auto Click Profit came out first on the list and I was intrigue and had check it out their site to see what this program offers. The convincing video tells a story about Daniel which made a lot of money on Clickbank as affiliate. Who talks a lot of bla bla bla about his life and his new software that would literally make you more money by clicking a few buttons. We all heard of things like this from other sales page, aren't you? This one is no different, well it could be much worst from the others.

Yes, I bought this program for $39 (what I fool I am) - I just wasted my time listening to his video and worst my money. When I purchased Auto Click Profit, I was so excited to try it out immediately but then, I got disappointed when more and more sales pages enticing you to purchase another product before you can actually download Auto Click Profit Program. I realized that this is not good. It maybe about 10 sales pages that you'll see before getting into the download page. Worst, you can hardly find the SKIP link, which is type in a small font size. Checkout this screenshot I've recently taken:

I greatly regret of buying the product - if only I have found Affiloramafirst before I stumbled on the scam artist.



Finally in the download page, you will be able to download the software but unfortunately it's not the same software that were used because the first one was stop because it does not apply anymore due many accounts were banned using their yahoo accounts. What I have downloaded is different than the other mention on some reviews. Checkout the videos below.

The first video that has been shown here by the first few customers who bought the Auto Click Profit product and the second video which shows you the different program in which the video creator warns not to buy Auto Click Profit - Too bad I missed this video when I'm searching for reviews.

They Don't Honor Money Back Guarantee

The program is full of bugs and so I sent them another email stating the problem. The keyword search is not working and the auto posting is not functioning too. They replied and said the programmers are working on it. So I waited a few more days to see how it goes, but there was no update. So I emailed them again, stating that I'm not satisfied with their program and ask for a refund. I've waited 48 hrs but there's no reply from them. It seems that they don't really care about their customers and all they do is taking money and not giving what is right. Auto Click Profit is not the program that you think that'll work for you. Please stay away from this program. Hope this article will enlighten you.

Again my fellow Hubbers, DON'T BUY THIS! Don't be fooled by this product and don't waste your money and time.

Help spread the word so that others will realize this and save money.

Earning a descent income in the internet is not just a one click of a button - I realized that most of them are scams. The real income opportunity need time, work and substantial amount of investment.

I stopped searching those 1 click make money software instead I've attended seminars in Affilorama - real information from the community plus great tools to succeed.

Currently they run a $1 seven days trial for premium - you have access to training tutorial videos, tools and support from entire member of the community. Get into the program now while the offer is still available.


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    • profile image

      avi 6 years ago

      i totally agree

      full of bugs and in the last days it soped working at all

      a waste of time!!!!!

    • profile image

      willy 6 years ago

      gracias amigo estaba a punto de comprar ese software, es pura tecnica de publicidad pero realmente no sirve, son unos estafadores gente asi se le debe cerrar su web y mas paypal debe de congelar su cuenta para que respeten a los compradores