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Auto Mechanics Careers - Think About it if You Already Haven't

Updated on September 25, 2014

Why Choose Auto Mechanics as a Career?

There are many skills that come and go. Once there were mechanics working on horse and buggies; this was once a lucrative job. Then cars came along and made buggies obsolete, but it doesn't seem cars are going away anytime to soon - as far as we can see anyway.

Delivering ice blocks was another job that was replaced by machines called refrigerators, so what do you think the future holds for a career in auto mechanics? According to government projections auto mechanics (technicians) will be a thriving occupation for years to come.

A Bright Future For Auto Mechanics

It seems that all the projections made by industry professionals indicate that auto mechanics have a bright future. The demand for skilled mechanics are only rising.

The other thing that is rising is their pay. On average an auto mechanics pay can range anywhere from $16.00 up to about $35.00 an hour. This can go even higher if you train for a specialized field such as marine repairs or heavy diesel equipment repairs.

The key words here are "training and schooling."

It's almost impossible to get your foot in the door of a dealership or auto repair shop without a diploma. This is one reason you see so many community colleges and trade schools offering courses in automotive repair.

Look at a short video on some of the things an auto mechanic has to do.

The Day and Life of an Auto Mechanic

Auto Mechanics Physical Requirements

In researching this subject, you'll find there are certain areas of auto repair that requires lifting and other physical requirements, which can take a toll on your body over time.

The real subject of concern here is longevity.

Retiring Before Your Body Does

The biggest tool of your trade is your body.

The areas of your body that take the most punishment over a long period of time are: legs, back, shoulders, neck, and hands.

Leaning over cars for long periods of time and the constant twisting and cranking that takes place with your hands are problematic areas. These are ailments common to most auto mechanics as they get older. Every occupation that has some sort of physical aspect to it experiences its own unique problems as time wears on. You can deal with this problem by simply taking care of your body and doing exercises that will help recondition the wear and tare placed on auto mechanics.

This is why it's important to understand this aspect of the job, so you can start early and avoid what many auto mechanics found out later in their careers that caused them to retire earlier than expected. And in some cases earlier than they could afford; the smart, modern day apprentices will heed this warning and take the necessary steps to avoid the long-term physical problems.

Academic Attributes to Become an Auto Mechanic

Because car problems are not always cut and dry, auto mechanics need a somewhat analytical mind. Communicating on both a verbal and written level is becoming more a part of the mechanics duties as is repairing cars.

Auto mechanics will have to interact with service writers and/or customers, so be prepared to do both.

Going From Mechanic to Technician

In the past, the majority of maintenance done on a car would be tune-ups, changing fan belts and adjusting carburetors - the game has drastically changed.

Now you have diagnostic machines, on board computers, and complex electrical systems to content with. You will see a lot of job postings not asking for auto mechanics, but posting requests for auto technicians, and this is probably appropriate for all the training a new mechanic has to go through.

As mentioned, there are times when you'll need to communicate with customers or other shop personnel, you'll need the two basic communication skills to do this. There's a lot of paper work to content with these days e.g., work orders, part requests, diagnostic reports. This is all part of the modern day auto mechanics duties.

As you can see, the job of an auto mechanic have vastly changed from years ago but along with these changes comes a bright future and better pay - this is a career that many people find rewarding and profitable - you can write your own ticket for your future.


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    • rb11 profile image

      rb11 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      Some of the auto mechanic schools I researched also offered advice about starting a business after graduation, but it didn't seem to be a blueprint form A to Z. Some of the comments from students turned owner seemed to point to the fact that they worked for someone first, learned the ropes, then went out on their own.

      Thanks for the comment..

    • profile image

      wheretofindwork 5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      I'd love to see something about how mechanics can start a business and learn more about the trade. Great post!