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Automotive Engineering Programs and How to choose the right one

Updated on April 16, 2013

You have bought a high-end car recently. Have you given a thought who has designed this pricey vehicle? Ever wondered who are the masterminds behind the advanced auto parts of your car? They are automotive engineers. These professionals play a big role in the design, development, production and testing of various automotive systems. Their credentials speak of their expertise which they have acquired through bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Do you possess a penchant for cars and their designs? Are you interested to utilise your fondness in shaping a bright career. There cannot be a better option than a career as an automotive engineer. In fact, it will be not wrong if said it will be the best one.

The minimum education requirement for an automotive engineer’s job is a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. If you possess an advanced degree such as a master’s degree, it will work to your advantage for getting a suitable placement.

Bachelor’s Degree Program

A bachelor’s degree is a four-year study program. It equips a candidate with a specialised knowledge base in the subject he or she has chosen. With a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering or any other relevant discipline, you may apply for an entry-level job in this field. Subjects like automotive power systems, diesel engine theory, automotive electronics and advanced mathematics are included in the coursework. In the final year, internship opportunities are given to those candidates who have maintained a brilliant performance throughout. Internships are very helpful since they offer the opportunity to gain practical experience through on-the-job training.

Eligibility criteria for enrolling into a bachelor’s degree program in automotive engineering differ from one college to another. When you are in high school, it is best to decide the college you wish to take admission into for acquiring your automotive engineering degree. You must gain knowledge about the requirements you have to fulfil for taking admission and prepare yourself accordingly.

Master’s Degree Program

A master’s degree is an advanced degree and the duration of this study program is two years. One can acquire this degree after completing a bachelor’s degree program. While a bachelor’s degree program in automotive engineering focuses on various concepts, there is a bigger scope for specialising in a particular area of interest in a master’s degree program. Coursework can include disciplines like electrical systems, mechanical systems, manufacturing processes or materials sciences. Preparing thesis papers and participating projects are also involved in these two years.

In order to obtain a master’s degree from a recognised university, you will require having good grades in your bachelor’s degree. Different universities have different requirements. Seats are limited and only the best candidates are able to come through with flying colours. The selection procedure is done on the basis of the candidates’ performance in the bachelor’s degree program.

Therefore, you must work hard at the undergraduate level to achieve excellent grades. This will help you to secure a seat for yourself. Reputed recruitment agencies like Fircroft can assist you in this.

Tips for selecting the right automotive engineering college

There are several automotive engineering colleges in the UK. You have to choose the right one for your education. The college should be affiliated and reputed. You need to keep in mind that there are two types of engineering colleges- best colleges and good colleges.

Best colleges are those bearing a great heritage and professional background. They boast an impressive infrastructure, a great faculty department and offer internship programs to students in the leading companies. In short, these colleges are armed with all the features that are vital to success.

Despite not having a sound infrastructure, some colleges are able in producing talents. These colleges fall in the ‘good colleges’ category.

It is not mandatory to study in one of the best automotive engineering colleges to be a successful automotive engineer. You should make the right choice among the available colleges considering the entry-level requirements, facilities and internship programs.


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