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Average Salaries: Human Resources (HR) Jobs

Updated on April 10, 2014

If you're a student and trying to decide if Human Resources (HR) Management is something that you would like to study in university or if you're about to accept a position in HR and you're wondering what type of salary you should be expecting, do some research to see if this is something that you can support yourself with!

I'm Canadian, so I will be showing you some online Canadian resources (apologies to our American neighbours!) to determine if you're getting paid what you're worth.


Salary Resources

Labour Market Information (Government of Canada)

This is my favourite site to obtain detailed salary information searchable by job title, province, and even by city. It's advertisement-free, you don't have to "sign up" for anything to get more information, and the average salaries are not based on user input. This site is run by the Government of Canada and although the information may not always be up to date, it gives you an unbiased and accurate estimate of average salaries in HR. All you have to do is click the "Wages & Salaries" heading on the left-hand side title bar and just search for the occupation title.

For example, if you are living in Ontario and you're wondering if you should take a job as an Employer Relations Specialist, you can do a quick search to see what your average salary should be. This job title would be considered as "Specialists in Human Resources". You can see that in the Toronto region, a job such as an Employer Relations Specialist can earn an average salary of $26.60/hour, with some earning a high wage of $40/hour and others earning a low wage of $16.50/hour. An average salary, based on a 37.5 hour work week, comes to approximately $52045 per year. For those who are "experienced" and are fully qualified to perform the duties of the position, the average salary is $34.13 which comes to about $66778 annually. Certainly not enough to make you rich, but a comfortable living for some.

There is salary information for a variety of occupations. Take a look around and see what other jobs earn.

Warning: This site does not seem to like other browsers except for Internet Explorer, so please keep that in mind!

Other sites

Sites such as and will also provide you with some resources to find out what your job should be paying you. has a tool called the "Canadian Salary Wizard". If you search again for the salary of an experienced Employer Relations Specialist which is considered by Monster to be a "Labour Relations Specialist 2", about 50% of employees earn $64712 annually ($33.07/hour) to $73752 annually ($37.69/hour). This salary information is obtained from companies that provide information about their human resource department's salaries. provides salary details for a number of different countries. The thing that I don't like about this site is that the salary information is based on user input, so it's questionable how accurate this information is. You know how some people seem to want to exaggerate about their salary, even if it's anonymous... For example, a Human Resources Specialist earns, on a national level, a low salary of $44259 annually ($22.62/hour) and a high salary of only $61714 ($31.54), quite different from what the other sites are reporting.

So if you're just researching whether the world of HR is something that you would like to get into or if you're just wondering how much of a salary you should be negotiating in your new job, make sure to do some research. Take a look at reputable online sites, search for online job postings that provide the salary range (usually government or unionized positions) and even see if those already working in HR will give you a ballpark idea of how much your skills and experience should be getting you.

About Me

Elaine Li is an HR Professional with over 5 years experience. She loves to learn new things and can't wait to continue her HR journey!

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