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Avoid These Profit-Stealing Affiliate Mistakes

Updated on July 12, 2010

Avoid These Profit-Stealing Affiliate Mistakes

Affiliate marketing is a game where it's the survival of the fittest. If you're game, then you cannot afford to give a weak effort - or make the same mistakes so many others make. The net is great because it's very easy to learn from the mistakes of other marketers. It's not necessary to experience the pain of making mistakes when you can learn from others. There are a hundred ways to shoot yourself in the foot when you become an affiliate marketer. Lack of focus and running in circles trying different IM methods accounts for many affiliate failures. Sticking to a method, product plus having patience to see it through is the prescription. You can easily found many people who will say you can earn a ton of money within a month, be careful - just trust your own intuition and learn from established and reputable marketers. Ok, good - moving on we'll share some affiliate marketer mistakes you can learn from and avoid.

A lot of marketers do not see the value in giving out reports and pdf's with great content, so they don't do it - you should. This is necessary if you want to build a marketing list, and there is tremendous income potential with a list. Your content can take on a viral marketing nature if you make it good and very interesting. This is something you can test in your own affiliate campaigns, and remember that it is used with good results by others.

One other mistake is to take the trouble to build a list, but then you fail to establish a relationship with them.

Your perspective should be that your list is a gold mine, so treat it as such. If you want your subscribers to buy the products you promote and make you money, you have to give them what they want: quality information. Always be willing to help them any time you can. Answer questions, and address concerns, in the best way will go far. You can build a very strong relationship by doing so.

You should also be aware of commission theft and take precautions against it happening to you. Affiliate link cloaking is one method that will help protect your affiliate status and identification. So many marketers risk profit loss because they don't know about cloaking, or how to do it. Don't let your hard earned commission fly out the window.

Make people notice your offers by standing apart from the crowd. As should be evident, some of those mistakes can be real business killers, so you know what to do.

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