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B2B Copywriting is a lucrative, niche market for copywriters

Updated on January 10, 2012
I am a member of the Professional Writers' Alliance
I am a member of the Professional Writers' Alliance
I am a Quirk Accredited eMarketing specialist
I am a Quirk Accredited eMarketing specialist

What is B2B Copywriting?

B2B businesses sell their products and services to other businesses. In order to do this, they use a wide range of marketing material. As a B2B copywriter, I help businesses, or their advertising agencies, write that marketing communication.

The nice thing about B2B copy is that work is plentiful. Yes, even in a recession. It pays well, with the best guys earning six figure incomes per annum. Rock on! (That's not me by the way.)

B2B companies are often keen to find copywriters who can understand their marketing requirements, especially if they can write clear, compelling copy that targets the business buyer.

B2B companies have specific needs. They have to generate a large number of leads, preferably quality leads, either through their website or direct mail material such as brochures, white papers and case studies.

What are white papers and case studies?

Well, obviously a B2B website is the 'face' of the business online. It also has an important job to do. Not only does it sell the brand but it must generate leads. Leads that a well organised sales team can follow up on. Quality leads that generate more business. It's a B2B copywriter's job to see that this happens. Another aspect of online B2B copywriting is email communications, a growing field in B2B copywriting. Emails make useful stand alone promotions, or regular emails to a subscriber base can help drive sales.

These days with social media exploding all over the place, B2B companies also need to gear up for that. So blogging is a big market for copywriters. Comments and feedback rank highly with search engines, as do inbound links from blogs and ping backs.

Landing pages for B2B pay-per-click advertising campaigns are a specialised skill that earns good money for the B2B copywriter. Targeted towards the business buyer, these landing pages have the express goal of generating high quality leads that can be followed up on immediately.

Web banner ads and search engine ads are also specialised skills that are in demand. Ads for the B2B market have a different psychology to consumer ads and it takes a skilled copywriter to understand the difference and create an effective ad that gets maximum click throughs.

Print marketing is a big area for B2B companies. Direct mail flyers are popular and need to be written carefully with great attention to percieved benefits and solutions. Sales brochures go out to other companies, with information on cutting edge products and services, latest enhancements and benefits. Corporate brochures raise brand image and awareness, case studies build credibiity in the brand through product success stories and testimonials. White papers or special reports focus on key areas and offer a compelling case for lead generation.

Then there are a host of other print marketing products such as ebooks, manuals, guides, programs, training material and surveys all of which have their own special focus and agenda.

These are specialised skills and a B2B copywriter needs to have the knowledge and experience in these areas to create effective campaigns and marketing materials that get results.

For more information on becoming a B2B copywriter, visit AWAI's website, the Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy.

Please note: This is an affiliate link. I did my B2B copywriting courses through AWAI (so I can vouch for its effectiveness) and I will make a small commission if you sign up to do their course via this link.

If you're interested in hiring me as a B2B copywriter, please refer to my website or email me at


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