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Updated on February 28, 2014

Marketing and advertising via hoardings have become too common. Now, people don’t take any interest to look at the posters and hoardings running on the roadsides. So, there is a high need to evolve with such technology so that people can be made involved in it. There should be some unique and exciting way so that our new emerging hi-tech youth can be influenced by it. Hence, the solution is video projection mapping. It uses a very common technique of 3D projection as we are all aware of. But, the specialty is in its representation. It’s presented in a so unique way so people get so much astonished and amused by just wondering about the technology.

Marketing is all about attracting and influencing the people as much as you can so that people can’t ignore the thought of buying your product. That’s why, now the TV ads have become so much categorized so that they can leave their mark on every person regardless of his age and gender. But, you can’t find a TV everywhere like on a beach or in a local fish market. So, here comes the use of video projection mapping. It is a common entertainment technology which is presented in a new, innovative way.

This technique consists of projecting video images or pictures of any complex 3D figure or object on the usual concrete buildings and structures nearly of any complex surface. It shatters the view of any person of viewing any normal image. In this technique, the projector literally bends any shape or even the whole building virtually in such a way that people at first will gape at its presentation. It even allows highlighting any shape or line of any structure. It simply plays with the lights and colors to give an astonishing and bewildering effect to its viewers. Projection mapping creates optical illusions to turn any object into something else of your choice by changing the people’s perception of form. With the help of this unique and entirely different technique, your whole building can be mapped with any 3D graphical image.

Videos are very interactive marketing tools today in the world. And so, we should emerge with a new technology everyday innovative and unique in its style that can use this popular tool in a different and influencing way. Also, by the time 3D technology has come, it has boosted the whole marketing world. Hence, it is supposed to be the best way to impart a high influence on any person. Video projection mapping is quite a new marketing technique in the world which is taking the world by storm. The main reason behind its popularity is that people or the viewers get emotionally attached to it at the first sight the show. It plays a kind of entertainment show for the public. Hence, by using this marketing scheme anyone will stand out alone in a crowd as your marketing style will become so much easier and will act as a fun for the public.


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