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BEST Home Based Business Ideas for Women and Men

Updated on March 7, 2013

I love the idea of having a home based business, however, starting one can be a real hassle. Who in the world has the time or the money if you have a full time job and living paycheck to paycheck. However, I really do believe that working for someone else will never make you any real money and that you will never have the freedom of being your own business owner.

I recently watched a video on YouTube and it really made a lot of sense as far as some great ideas for home based businesses. I do not have money to invest, so for someone like me direct selling may be a good way to start. The good part about this business is that you have a team to train you and back you up. However, you have to be really motivated and hard working. Unfortunately, I am not.

Other things you can potentially do would be Network Marketing, Affiliate Programs, Selling your own information product, Mystery Shopping, Internet Auctions, Creating websites, and more. In my opinion selling anything at all can be very difficult, especially if you are not the most outgoing person. I would say a business based on a particular service or skill is more likely to make you money and involves less risk.

From website proofreader to web designer, you can do just about anything you want online. I would say the less investment it takes the better. With direct selling you often have to purchase the items in bulk which can leave you at a loss if you do not sell enough. I know going into business is all about taking a chance, however, when you have no money you needs to minimize your risk.


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    • madscientist12 profile image

      Dani Alicia 5 years ago from Paterson, NJ

      These are great ideas. If you're not an outgoing person and you don't have a lot of money, a couple of ideas that would work for you is selling handmade jewelry and crafts on a craft site, starting a pet sitting service at your home, and resume writing.