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Updated on January 30, 2013


The debate on business versus employee mindset would certainly raise a few debates as the basis factor when one decides which way to go.There are pros and cons for both and it is a matter of pure choice of whether to work for someone else or start their own.

Business certainly has its benefits in that one's income is not fixed.One writes their own paycheck .Passion is something that every businessman must have along with the vision to go into business.Loving what one does is a key to success,it is easier to put hard work and have the urge to achieve one's goals when one enjoys his/her work.

There is a certain risk that comes to venturing into business that is why most businessmen are considered to be risk takers. Every business has some risks associated with it this should not deter people from exploiting opportunities that come their way. As the old saying goes" opportunity knocks once in every man's door."

When it comes to risk as a reason to avoid new ventures one should look at the likes of successful individuals who because of their passion dropped out of college or quit their jobs to jump start their own companies.To most of the businessmen out there, business is certainly a lot of fun, adventure,heartburn and opportunity to go out of the way and follow an extraordinary path.There are no guarantees and guidebooks in some ventures, so one should be a person who thinks out of the box and initiative. A person who is dynamic, flexible and in some way a seer.In business one requires to be updated as the environment is not stagnant and fluctuates in other words one should be able to surf the tides.

Being employed can also get one to explore great opportunities as a lot of companies these days encourage out of the box thinking inorder to stay relevant in their markets. Companies achieve this through giving out huge year end bonuses, promotions, salaries and other attractive benefits to get great executives.Companies also have negative motivation ways like revision of tenures or contracts after performance reviews or head hunting intensively that even though the employee has a certain position presently how long they will hold on to the position is not guaranteed and they have to keep churning up great sales inorder to keep their positions.

When employed one is always going to be under the whim of the boss while in business one is also under the whim of the socio-economic state. One's boss might not give out permission or support for one to explore their creative ideas which is equal to a business suffering huge losses and having to wind up.

Thus though there are pros and cons of being in business and being an employee in an organization, one can be the only one to decide.One who needs freedom and wish to pursue their passion can manage doing business. On the other hand, one who does not want to start from scratch and prefer to work for a brand employment is better.


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