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Babysitting Jobs: How to Start a Babysitting Service

Updated on February 10, 2011

An Overview

 A babysitter is someone who watches a child or baby when the child's parents aren't home. A babysitting must be reliable, punctual and calm. Babysitters must remain prepared in case of crisis. A babysitter must also be prepared to follow a parent's exact instructions and make sure that a child follows certain routines. A babysitter may be called upon to supervise homework, put a child to bed, answer the phones, change a diaper and feed a baby. A babysitter may choose to work alone or as part of a service. Starting a babysitting service is an excellent way to form gain as much business as possible. Before you start a babysitting service you should keep several factors in mind including advanced preparation, how much to charge, how to train potential babysitters and what services to offer parents and other caregivers. Babysitting jobs can be an excellent way to earn a part-time income especially if you like children.

Your First Step

 You should start by deciding on several factors. Some babysitters specialize in a specific age group such as infants and toddlers. Other babysitters will have babysitting jobs for all age groups. Some babysitters focus on a specific geographical location while others offers babysitters offer jobs in many areas. If possible start small. Focus your efforts on a single town or community. This will enable you to get to know parents and build up a clientel of satisfied members. If one parent is happy with your services, he can offer you referrals to other parents and caregivers. You should also think about if you want to work with a small group of people or work with a much larger group. You might start with your circle of intimate friends and then offer babysitting to other people as well.


 All people who want a babysitting job should have certain credentials. A babysitter should have at least some prior experience with babies, children and toddlers. A grandmother who watches her grandchildren is an excellent candidate. A mom with several children in high school will also make an ideal employee for babysitting jobs. Even a teenager who has experience such as working as summer camp counselor is also someone who can work with you.

Someone who takes a babysitting job should also have specific training for emergency situations. A babysitter should be certified by the Red Cross in basic CPR techniques. Red Cross officials offer training courses each year to help people learn how to rescue adults and children in the middle of a medical crisis. The participant gets a certificate of completion that he can offer to parents to show that he is prepared for an emergency. Course are offered for a minimal fee and take about a month to complete.

Additional Considerations

 Any babysitting service should also vet candidates thoroughly. A babysitter should not have a criminal record or issues with anger management. Contact the person's references to find out about their prior employment history.

Your service should be organized and accurate. Keep records about clients including the names of their children and their preferred hours for babysitting. Babysitting jobs require applicants to demonstate an ability to be on time. All workers should know exactly when to show up and where. Payment should be received at the end of the shift. Cancellations should be made no less than 24 hours before the start of a babysitting job. All of this should be in writing well in advance.

Babysitting Job Tips


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