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Bakery retail chain business a profitable business

Updated on July 17, 2011

Indian bakery industry

Retail business is becoming popular in India . Concept of retail is catching up in cities with launching of big malls , supermarkets , food court and bakery retail chains . These retail outlets are exclusively meant for nouve rich who can have premium products with service at these retail bakery chain with carry home facility with personal attention .

This has been very popular abroad ,until now people have been going to restaurant or coffee houses . Retail chains have mushroomed all over metros where you can see people spending lavishly on bakery products . Rise in disposable income ,change in eating habits ,people preference for ambiance and service have contributed towards this trend . Even coffee houses are now supplementing there stores with bakery products .Most popular products are cakes , sandwiches , pastries ,puffs ,pizzas ,croissant .They also provide home delivery and take home packing's .

Concepts of retail bakery is that the chain has a central kitchen which produces all these products and then from these kitchens products are moved out to retail shops on regular intervals .Few malls and supermarkets have put bakery products on their food courts .

Following steps has to be taken by retailers to be viable in present economic scenario

Efficient supply chain management

Decode customer behaviour

Venture into tier 2 - tier 3 towns

Develop private labels

Enter into allainces and leveraging

Step Up internal effieciencies

Innovate - categories , services and business models

To name few bakery chains across country

Bisk Farm
Bread Talk
Hot Bread
Cookie Man
Birdy s
Cafe Coffee
Donut baker
and many more


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    • Ambition398 profile image

      Ambition398 7 years ago

      I'd love to see more numbers on this, esp. with foodcourt setups. SOme seem to come and go, while others hold firm. Secrets to success in malls?