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Bakery Dough Mixers

Updated on June 22, 2011

Dough Mixers In Bakery

Dough Mixers  are used in bakeries  to  mix large  amount of ingredients such as flour , fat , sugar and other additives in short  time . Automated  plants  have bigger mixers handling 500kg - 1000 kg per batch  for  continuous production .Mixing process in  bakery  uses Mixers for preparation of  Dough  of hard and short variety  for products like  bread , biscuits , cookies , buns  etc  . Mixers  are also used to  prepare   batter  which is can be pumped  for producing cakes , wafers  , cookies  etc .

Mixers   consists   of  s.s  body parts   and have  shaft in various  to mix these ingredients . These shaft is  of various design  to perform mixing action in mixer . Mixer arms are driven through  either direct geared motors coupled to the shaft or  through sprocket  &  chain  with help of  motors . Rating of motors varies as per the capacity  of  mixers .

Dough Mixers have fixed  or movable mixing bowl   which  can then   be used to transport  dough to  the stage of  manufacturing process of  forming . Most of bakeries have tipping or dough elevators to feed dough into next process.

Mixing times are different  for different product  operators have standard mixing time  and could vary mixing time as per ingredients quality . Operators  checks for dough or batter consistency and other parameters like temperature  while  sending  it for next stage .

Bakery Mixers  now days have  software where we can fed mixing time  for single stage or two  stage mixing  and Mixers automaticaly changes mixing speed . Industrial Dough mixers   are provided with  jackets  to allow hot water or chilled water  to control dough temperatures during  mixing .

Following type of  mixers are used in bakeries

  • Spiral  Mixers
  • Kneaders
  • Planetary Mixers
  • Z- type sigma mixers

These could be further  classified into

  • Single arm mixers
  • Double arm mixers
  • Single Speed mixers
  • Dual Speed  mixers
  • Top Loading mixers
  • Front Loading mixers
  • Jackted  mixers

    Special  Mixers

     Chocolate  Preparations

  • Conche Mixers

 Cream  Preparation

  • Hobart  Planetary  Mixers
  • Batter  Preparation Mixers


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