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Balancing Social Media Economy with Good Content

Updated on July 6, 2010

Balancing Social Media Economy with Good Content

A good social media economy is important to have when you participate in social media marketing. Webster’s Dictionary defines economy as “thrifty and efficient use of resources.” Your resources on social media are the content that you post, and whether or not you use the different tools efficiently. Your tools can be writing blogs, tweeting or Facebook official page comments, putting video on YouTube or Facebook, or adding a podcast to Facebook or other social media resource.

Economics is the production, distribution and consumption of goods or services and this is how you can relate it to your social media economy.  When you think about it, your social media economy can be compared to a piggy bank. You get out of it what you put into it. So if you put nothing into that piggy bank, when you crack it open, there's going to be nothing in there. With social media, if you're never putting anything in and just try to take out, then there's nothing to take out if you haven't put any value into the system. This means that there's a value proposition there that you need to be aware of. Social media etiquette plays a big part of this. You can’t be spamming people with information that’s not of value to them for they won’t keep visiting your page and will never click on your link when you post it.

Social media marketing is exactly that – a social place where conversations and interaction occurs. On a Facebook page, you can be talking about a sport or something businesslike but if you’re going to join an existing conversation you have to add to it. You don't take from the conversation. By adding to the conversation, everybody listens and everybody benefits. By maintaining a healthy social media economy, you get out what you put in.


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