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Banche Pescara

Updated on January 21, 2016



Impresa Italia

BANKS PESCARA – Services offered by Banks in Pescara and Different Types of Banks

Be it current or saving, every individual and company has access to the bank account for various purposes. It is not only for the banking services, but also for various reasons and needs individuals and companies approach banks Pescara.

Banks Pescara offer many advantages with different features to the customers. Right from
holding a saving account to getting home loans or business loans, the banks serve widely.

Banks also offer educational and personal loans to the customers at best interest rates, which makes it to be a flexible and reliable option for people, instead of approaching a private financial institution, which certainly have a higher rate of interest with the risk of uncertainty.

Banking service is also the best way to protect assets. Today, banks also play the vital role in
paychecks to employees and enabling them to access their money easily according to their

Be it local or nationalized banks, their service is immortal. Besides, the banks will also charge
very nominal, which will never affect your savings or interest rate. They enable you with easy
withdrawals and deposits.

Banks Pescara also offers some indirect benefits to the customers. To point a few, if you hold

an account, then the chances to easily get personal loan or home loan is higher. Moreover, with your clear and good credit statements, they will also provide you your expected amount of loan according to your repayment capability. Such loan options are very beneficial to the business people or individuals seeking money for immediate and emergency needs.

Banks Pescara further has the major role to play in the development and growth of the city’s
and nation’s economy. It attracts many investors through its new and profitable investment
plans, which benefits both the banks and customers.

Services Offered by Banks Pescara:

 Enables paying bills and withdraw money with checking account

 Provide plastic cards to get money from anywhere they want

 These cards can be used to shop anywhere, including gas station and departmental


 Enable checking account and handle money in an easier way

 Saving account with good interest rates to encourage savings

 Provide loans, including car loan, house loan, personal loan

 ATM across the city to withdraw money as and when you need

Types of Banks in Pescara:

Some of the types of banks in Pescara include:

 Commercial banks: Offer various services and different accounts. Provide loans to the

customers, especially to the businesses and private companies

 Investment banks: Help the organizations or large companies to raise money, especially

on international financial markets

 Development banks: These are the financial organizations.

 Retail banks: Provide basic banking services to the individuals, including saving account,

loan associations, recurring deposits and fixed deposits

 Public sector banks: Government has major stake and emphasize on the social objective

than profitability

 Private sector banks: Managed and run by private promoters

 Investment banks: These are the financial institutions assisting individuals, governments

and corporations raise capital by underwriting

 Cooperative banks: Governed by Provisions of State Cooperative Societies Act and

provide cheap credit to members



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