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Bangalore - The Mother of IT Jobs

Updated on August 17, 2015

Bangalore, with its huge IT industry, is a destination for many software testing jobs. We can find too much of information on the glory of this city as the “Silicon Valley of India”. Existence of numerous small, middle and large scale IT companies make it a preferred destination for many IT professionals and freshers. Software testing jobs in Bangalore have always been at its heights with IT companies developing software and programs for various industries. It is obvious for them to hire testers who can test the functioning of the developed programs and software at different stages. It helps developers in creating the best programs and assures the end user satisfaction.

Top Ten Software Companies

Many reputed software development companies have their big setups here in which these below mentioned companies are the topmost establishments:

1 | Wipro

2 | Infosys

3 | Accenture

4 |IBM

5 | Compaq

6 | Linc Software Services Private Limited

7 | Oracle India pvt Ltd

8 | zenith Software Limited

9 | SAP Labs India Private Limited

10 | Syntel India Ltd


Opportunities for Experienced

Companies always welcome experience software tester. If you are experienced, you have many opportunities waiting here in small to major IT setups. Bangalore has ample amount of jobs which offer high remuneration packages to experts. Bangalore’s current salary trend has gone up by 13%. The city attracts many professional individuals who have 1-3 years of experience. The current status of IT sector of this city with major international and domestic brands promise shining career opportunities to experience holders.

Opportunities for Freshers

Campus selection is a boon to freshers. But, those who remain to be selected should not worry at all. Bangalore can never see you worried about IT jobs. Freshers find this city a perfect destination for software testing jobs. Experience always counts. But, what about those who have just cleared their degrees or diploma and looking for jobs? Bangalore has many opportunities for freshers who just need a start. Companies offer fruitful salary packages to freshers as well to initiate their career in a motivated manner.

Types of Software Testing

The following list maybe a complete surprise for you. The list includes 60 types of software testing:

Different Software Testing
Different Software Testing
Different Software Testing
Different Software Testing
Ad-hoc testing
Agile Testing
Automated testing All Pairs testing
Backward Compatibility Testing
Acceptance Testing
API Testing
All Pairs testing
Boundary Value Testing (BVT)
Accessibility Testing
Beta Testing
Black Box testing
Big Bang Integration testing
Bottom up Integration testing
Branch Testing
Browser compatibility Testing
Compatibility testing
Decision Coverage Testing
Component Testing
Condition Coverage Testing
Dynamic Testing
End-to-end Testing
Exploratory Testing
Equivalence Partitioning
Functional Testing
Fuzz Testing
GUI (Graphical User Interface) testing
Glass box Testing
Gorilla Testing
Happy path testing
Integration Testing
Interface Testing
Internationalization Testing
Keyword-driven Testing
Load Testing
Localization Testing
Negative Testing
Non functional testing
Pair Testing
Performance Testing
Penetration Testing
Regression Testing
Risk based Testing
Smoke testing
Security Testing
Sanity Testing
Scalability Testing
Stability Testing
Static Testing
Stress Testing
System Testing
Soak Testing
System Integration Testing
Unit testing
Usability testing
User Acceptance testing (UAT )

Career Development Model

If you join as a fresher, you gain experience gradually and head towards the upper level positions. Listed is the career development model in testing jobs:

  • Tester
  • Test Analyst
  • Senior Test Analyst
  • Team Lead
  • Test Consultant
  • Senior Test Consultant
  • Principal Consultant


Role of Make in India Campaign

India expects more growth in the IT sector due to the “Make in India” campaign. It may influence the entire nation and the IT industry of Bangalore as well. This city backs the IT requirements of India and other countries which have already relied on the caliber of its workforce. As Bangalore has its own significance in the IT industry of India, the current FDI policy will help it grow in a far better way.

According to the policy, up to 100% FDI is permitted under the automatic route in:

  • Computer Consultancy Services
  • Data Processing
  • Software Development
  • Management Consultancy Service
  • Market Research Services
  • Technical Testing Service
  • Analysis Service
  • Software Supply Services
  • Business Consultancy Services

Foreign Investments

Bigger investments help growth at larger scale. We have foreign investments in queues which will expand the IT infrastructure in India with extreme force. Bangalore, being the IT hub of India, has extra responsibilities. With more foreign investments, the city will have more testing jobs in Bangalore and other career opportunities here. Following foreign companies have green-signaled their investment plans:

  • HP (USA)
  • Capgemini (France)
  • IBM (USA)
  • Accenture (Ireland)
  • Cognizant (USA)
  • Steria (France)
  • Ricoh (Japan)
  • Atos (France)
  • Microsoft (USA)
  • CDNS (USA)
  • Intel (USA)
  • SAP (Germany)
  • Philips (Netherlands)
  • Dell International (USA)
  • Agilent Technologies (USA)
  • Mentor Graphics (USA)
  • Oracle Corporation (USA)
  • Qualcomm (USA)

Favoring Policies

National Policy on Information Technology 2012 targets to increase revenues of IT and BPM industry to USD 300 Billion by 2020. Moreover, it will expand exports to USD 200 Billion by 2020. It has two major goals - to bring the power of information and communication technology (ICT) within the reach of all the citizens, on the other hand, to harness the capability and human resources of the country to enable India to emerge as the Global Hub and Destination for IT and BPM Services by 2020.

The latest policy will cater the establishment of new Software Technology Parks of India, Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Policy, National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) and National Cyber Security Policy 2013.


Agencies to support the Campaign

The government of India has allocated various agencies to look after this campaign under which the campaign will take its matured shape. Please have a look on the agencies:

  1. Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India
  2. Indian Software Product Industry Round Table
  3. Other Service Providers Association of India
  4. Data Security Council of India
  5. National Association of Software and Services Companies

Other Factors for Boom in Job

There are other crucial reasons we cannot overlook at all. These facts are from the core of government data:

  • IT-BPM revenues are expected to reach USD 118 Billion in 2014.
  • It is the largest private sector employer that delivers over 3.1 Million jobs.
  • It accounts for 38% of services exports of India.
  • We have 600 offshore development centres of 78 countries
  • Software products exports are USD 14 Billion.
  • India has over 15,000 firms; of which 1000+ are large firms.
  • IT Services exports are USD 52 Billion.

Drivers of Growth

Overall growth of IT sector through the investments in future is the biggest key factor of development of IT sector in Bangalore. But, there are some other reasons we should consider. Following list of crucial growth drivers will help you understand the reasons:

  • India is seeing an upswing in demand for IT services from Europe and US.
  • We have USD 1.6 Billion annual budget on training workforce and growing R&D spend.
  • The SMAC market is expected to grow to USD 225 Billion by 2020.
  • Retail, Healthcare and utilities are driving growth above 14%.
  • Emerging geographies and verticals, non-linear growth due to platforms, products and automation.
  • There is an apparent Increase in adoption of technology by consumers
  • Government in more focused on initiatives leading to increased ICT adoption.
  • We have high value client additions bigger than USD 1 Million that has gone up by 13.5% growth.
  • Government has allocated INR 5 Billion for launching a pan-India program. It includes two programs – Digital India and national rural internet and technology mission.



Bangalore has own attractive reasons which assure multiple software testing jobs here. But, the Make in India campaign will certainly have more crucial benefits to Bangalore. It will take the city to unsurpassed state of robustness as an IT hub of India. It will increase more job options for experts and freshers in testing field.

Do you see Make in India Campaign effective for growth in testing jobs?

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