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Basic White Hat SEO Techniques for All Bloggers

Updated on June 13, 2014

SEO - Do & Don't

White Hat SEO - To be done by every webmaster and suggested by all search engine.

Black hat SEO - Not to be done, not recommended by any search engines.

Basic Search Engine Optimization

Seo or Search Engine Optimization , is used to enhance a any website's or blog's ranking in Search Engine Results page for increasing traffic and visitors to your blog. This will lead to more sales if you are affiliated with any affiliate program. Or even increase your income, if your blog or webpage is showing banner ads from Google adsense or any other ads networks. SEO can be carried out in two ways, with White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO is techniques done by webmasters to cheat search engines. By doing that, you would be getting more traffics or clicks but it would be temporarily. If you get caught by search engine doing tricky things, your blog would be penalized. Google is regularly updating it's algorithm like Panda update, penguin update to prevent blogs ranked by black hat SEO techniques.Search engines may penalize sites they discover using black hat methods, either by reducing their rankings or eliminating their listings from their databases altogether.

If you are paying to your SEO consultants for optimizing your website, make sure that he is doing optimization of your website in recommended way. i.e. White Hat SEO

If your SEO consulting company or SEO agencies is following black hat SEO techniques to rank your blog, it's not recommended. Your blog or website may be penalized by Search Engine at anytime and your all business would be loss.

White Hat SEO - Search Engine Optimization Techniques

White Hat SEO - Search Engine Optimization Techniques
White Hat SEO - Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Meta Tag SEO -Search Engine Optimization

Meta Tag SEO -Search Engine Optimization
Meta Tag SEO -Search Engine Optimization | Source

1. Using META Tags

Meta tags are the tags used by search engines to identify your blog's information. Meta tags contains valuable information like Meta titles,meta description and meta keywords. You can refer the screenshot provided beside this. Here when you search for anything on search engine, you will get detailed results.

Meta Titles : meta titles are the titles that are used to show up with your site's link on SERP.

Meta Description : The description that would appear on SERP below your titles.

How do you Optimize Your Blog?

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2.Choosing Right Keyword

Keywords : These keywords are not visible on search engine, but it used by search engines to detect your blogs from thousands of blogs on the web. Don't over use keywords, just add enough keyword with low competition & high searched keyword.

Low competition keyword would help you to get quick ranking on SERP, if you use long tail keywords, that would also be helpful to get ranked for that keyword easily.

You can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to search low competition keywords or find long tail keywords with low competition for your blogs.

if you are using WordPress then,you can use SEO by Yoast WordPress plugin to write custom Meta titles, description and add meta keywords to your all post.Make sure you are include few keywords in your post also as well as bold it or interlinking it with your another post for best internal linking structure.

If you don't know what keywords are highly profitable, you can use SEMrush SEO tool to check what keywords they are using. This is great tool that allow you to find the keywords for what your competitors are ranking on SERP. You can use those keywords to get traffic on your blog.

SEO Friendly
SEO Friendly | Source

3.Make Sure Your Website is Crawlable

Create good xml or html sitemap of your blog which contains all pages links inside. Submit your sitemap to Google, Bing like major search engines.Create good robots.txt file which should make your site crawlable by Search engines and you would see your blog would be getting indexed on Search Engine Results page fastly.

Search engine's spider would crawl your website regularly from your sitemap. If you are using wordpress, you can use proper image sitemap (Image SEO), video sitemap, links sitemaps for your posts to optimize your blogs for on page SEO & off page SEO.

Small SEO Tip

If you don't have added any social sharing buttons, I would recommend you to add social sharing buttons on your blog. So your blog page would be shared on social networking sites by your readers and you will also get traffic as well as backlinks from high authority social networking sites.

4. Establish Authority of Your Website

Create useful and readable content that are highly searched on the web.Create backlinks from high authority websites, if you like guest blogging, you can do guest posting on high authority and high PR blogs to get backlinks from those websites. If search engine discover incoming hyperlinks to your website from such well known or high authority sites then they will consider your website as informative and you will get pagerank as well as authority site.

5.Work on Internal Linking Structure of Your Website

Do proper interlnking your content. Suppose if your blog post is on SEO, then your blog should have another post on the same topic. Find the best relevent keyword to your another blogpost from your post and internlink that old post with your latest one.

Sometime also interlink your new post with old one. This way make good internal linking structure to improve navigation of your website.

Make sure you are making external links nofollow & open them in a new tabs.This would create good SEO for your well written post. Make sure that your single post's external links are not more than your internal links.Keep ratio like that, your internal links are more than your post's external links.

Interlinking Content - SEO Strategy

Interlinking Content - SEO Strategy
Interlinking Content - SEO Strategy

6.Write Clear And Descriptive URLs

Create informative titles with proper usage of keywords. If you are adding low competition and highly searched keyword on your URL with proper url structure, your post would be well optimized for SEO.Incorporating your keywords into the URLs will help your rankings in the search engines.

Use descriptive category with your keywords. recommended is using dash or underscores in URL but not space.Never add space in your url, that is not good for SEO.

No one is an expert by born. I have been in internet marketing and Search engine optimization field since last 4 years and whatever I have learned that I am trying to implement. I would like to share the same with my fellow readers and subscribers.

More SEO guide would be in my upcoming hubs,so stay tuned with me to get more SEO updates.

Feel free to add me on Hubpages | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube


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