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Basics For App Store Optimization

Updated on March 9, 2015

About ASO

Every day new smartphones come in the market and every minute smartphone is purchased. With the increase of the smartphone number of apps have introduced to make busy life more simple. But with the introduction of so many apps race was of increase visibility of app. So new concept call ASO ( App store optimization) was introduced.

What is the ASO?

App Store Optimization is the process of enhancing various aspects of your app submission (i.e. Keywords, title, description) in order to boost your app’s visibility in app store searches. So in the results there more download of the app which is the ultimate purpose of App store optimization

ASO for Apps

Apps | Source

Basics for app store optimization.

Keyword research: Just like websites in apps keyword research also plays big role. But for website Google “adword keyword tool” makes thing easier for seo expert. But for app neither play store or apple’s app store shows any official search, which can help you in planning your strategy. But there some tools which reduce the effort level in finding key words

  1. AppCod.Es
  2. Google keyword tool
  3. Mobile Dev HQ
  4. Chomp

App title: Just like websites during APO title has a significant role. Try to have a relevant key word or key phrase in the title. There may number of other apps with similar name so to differentiate use modifier like” Free” in app.

Developer/ publisher name: Mentioning the developer name also boost the ranking of app. In apple app sore it is considered as strong as the title of app. For an example, your ‘Stop Watch’ and if the app is published under “Time Dev” then you can rank for both ‘Stop Watch’ and ‘Timer’.

Keyword field: Here you can play with keyword and phrases you have researched. But only up to 100 words. In fact, in apple store considers singular and plurals as a separate keywords

App icon: Your app is the first impression so make it catchy and relevant to your app.

Images and video: Always add images and videos on the app page it help in promoting your app, by giving good ideas about your app in terms of usability and benefits.

Conclusion: ASO is not a complicated task, but all it needs a bit of research and some common sense to improve visibility of your app.

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