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Be Creative In Your Free-Time Activities And Enhance Your Performance At Your Workplace

Updated on April 28, 2014

Recently, a few experts from the San Francisco State University did a study to find out if "free-time creative activities" of employees could positively impact their performance at the workplace. The findings of the study were brought out in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. The study involved 341 employees and these employees were pursuing various types of "free-time creative activities" that included writing, video gaming, photography, and so on. These researchers concluded that these employees could easily acquire mastery in their work, they could manage their work-related stress well and could relax easily.

So, according to this study, if you are pursuing a creative activity, there are chances you will perform better than your co-workers. This may perhaps be due to the fact that your creative instincts get a boost and this helps you in performing better at your workplace. Your cooperation with your employer as well as your co-workers will also be better than that of others.

The main point researchers observed was that employees who pursued creative activities during their free time could detach themselves more easily from the stress of their workplace than other employees. But in certain cases, having a clear distinction between such activities and official work may not be possible. For example, if your regular work is writing ads for an advertising agency, you can use your creativity for producing sales letters for companies or doing B2B writing during your free time. In this case, there is no clear distinction between your regular work and your free-time activities.

Researchers have discovered that the creative activities of these employees help them in developing competence in their regular work. Apart from performing well, they are able to relax better than the other people. But, these researchers are not able to find out the exact reasons for this link. Perhaps, the skills you learn through your creative activity help you in improving your performance at the workplace.

The participants in the study could not clearly say whether their free-time activities are creative or not. But they are certainly able to acquire some new skills irrespective of the nature of activities they are involved in. The main skill they acquire is that they are able to relax well. Not only that, their problem-solving skills are also better than those of other people.

These researchers may conduct further studies with larger samples for producing more authentic findings.


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