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Be Nice When Sales People Contact You

Updated on November 27, 2009

Be Nice When Sales People Contact You

In my father's generation, if small business owner and entrepreneur wanted to sell something to people, they had to knock on door after door until they got a sale. The seller must have a big gut and a thick face to sell to strangers who might be the good, the bad, or the ugly prospect. At the end of the day, sales was all about the seller taking the initiative to find strangers to listen to his/her sales pitch.

Back then, it was a generally accepted practice for the seller to visit the stranger's house or office in order to get connected. Although not everyone welcome the seller appearance, however, the seller was generally respected for their effort to make a living.

Back then, business people respected the right of freedom to sell to anyone who might be a potential buyer.

A real business person understands getting sales means reaching out to potential buyers who are a stranger. That stranger could be a private citizen and might not want to be bothered by solicitation because it voliates his/her privacy. All sellers understand that and respect that.

If the prospect is a business person, then the connection becomes a business to business contact. A real business person knows how business prospecting works; how sales is created; how the company generates revenue and; how sales activities drive the economy. It all began with two strangers: the seller contacted the buyer to make the connection.

I am really tired of pseudo business people complaining about privacy right when other business people contact them. Imagine if you make a cold call or email to a business person introducing your company, the person on the other end said you've voilated his/her privacy right? WHAT? I mean what is that about? Does that person knows he/she is contacted as a business person? If you contact a business person who advertises his/her business on newspaper, magazine, website, business directory, direct mail flyer and any conceivable media, should they tell you not to cold call them because you are not a buyer?

Unfortunately, I find many business people have a double standard when being contacted by other business people. If you're not a buyer or potential buyer, suddenly, they are no longer a business person. Suddenly, they shrunk into a home maker screaming at your call, email, or fax. Suddenly, they see themselves as a victim of solicitation. And suddenly, they want to defend privacy right for the nation!

I don't condon email spamming, aggressive telemarketing, and high pressured network marketing scheme. However, for business to business contact, if you are a real business people who understands the sales process, then you should give other business people mutual respect to contact you, at least once. If you don't want their product or service, you can always tell the seller respectfully to stop contacting you again. This is the right way for business people to handle sales solicitation from other business people.

Furthermore, the person who tries to sell you may be your buyer, your sales referrer, or your business ally in the future. Don't burn the bridge so casually. And remember, you want to be treated respectfully when it is your turn to become the seller!

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