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Be Wary When Dealing With SEO Companies

Updated on July 9, 2016

There are many people out there who are being ripped off by dodgy SEO companies. People left, right and centre are having their money taken from them by suspect operators. I know this because I have worked with one of them before. These companies have complete disregard for their clients and operate as pseudo internet experts. The worst part is that these companies are actually not doing anything. They are capitalising on the ignorance that exists out there in regards to SEO. It is such a shameful practise that many are getting away with this.

At the moment the SEO industry is booming and people are spending money when they don't know what they are doing. They are being convinced by SEO sales consultants that they are going to rank them, that they are going to be coming up under various keywords, basically these sales people will say all types of lies to get a sale. What these companies don't do is deliver a product that works, some of the time they don't even do anything. These companies are giving SEO a really bad name. They are basically running boiler rooms that sell nothing.

As the SEO industry matures less and less companies will be able to get away with this kind of practise. It will become clearer what good SEO entails. It will become obvious that these companies are doing no work. Once bitten these people are not going to get bitten again. The SEO agencies delivering results are going to emerge triumphant and the dodgy operators will be left behind.

How do you build up that trust as a genuine SEO provider? It is about showing people your results. Showing them your results on your website or in person. Pointing people to your blog to show them that you are capable of producing results. Pointing clients to Google to show them the rankings you’re achieving. SEO is a very creative process; companies need to be convinced of some kind of results before they decide to jump on board.

Businesses also need to do their homework when dealing with SEO companies. They need to have a look at the company website. The first thing I do when I go on to a new website is I go on their blog and read their latest post. You want to see what kind of content they are producing. If they do not even have a blog, the alarm bells should be ringing. Their latest blog post will tell you a lot about how genuine they are. You will be able to make a gut feel decision whether or not they are making significant inroads with SEO.

After looking at their latest blog post I look at their social media accounts, firstly Twitter. Twitter is more than likely going to be where a SEO person will go to promote themselves, engage and just generally try to show themselves off. I would want to make sure that this SEO person has gained some kind of traction across the twitterspphere. Do they have a loyal following? Are there examples of their work on there? If they are not on Twitter I would take a look at their other social media accounts. If they do not have any social media accounts I would be a little bit suspicious.

At this point if there are no blog posts and they do not have any social media presence I would look to contact them directly. I would ask them what is going on and ask to see if they can show me some of their results. I would want to know what they are actually doing for their clients.

When it comes to SEO you have to judge the SEO based on the results. You need to look at the rankings they have been able to get for different keywords. The SEO process is something that mystifies many people, but good results stare at you straight in the face. People who have had a bad experience before with SEO need to know what went wrong and what needs to be improved upon. The most important thing they need to realise is that SEO is a creative process, an art if you will. The potential client had better make sure that they are looking at all the relevant signals, making sure that they can deliver a quality service.

Business owners need to know what they are getting themselves into before they enter into any kind of SEO campaign. Dodgy SEO companies have left a bad taste in the mouth of many business managers. Dishonest companies have given the industry a bad name. Many people are avoiding SEO altogether, convinced that it is nothing but a scam. The thing is SEO is a serious investment that often takes months before you start actually seeing the benefits of the investment.

The dodgy operators are going to be around for a long time to come. Until it is obvious and clear what good SEO entails they will continue to capitalise on ignorance. It is advisable that these people do their due diligence before forking out any money. They must assess their performance and look at the other options before they make a decision. Most of all they need to be more wary.


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