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Be a Better Professional – these 7 tips will help you

Updated on December 12, 2016

When you are a professional, it’s important to keep appearing as polished. Thereby, you will come off as smart and over the period of time, you will make yourself an asset of your company. The gigs will most likely end up at your lap; you will probably make some good industry connections and also have a good relationship with your boss. If all of these sound enticing enough for you, you should know that sounding more professional is not really that hard. Just follow the tips mentioned below and start appearing as a more seasoned professional:

Me, Myself & I – Know what to use and when

Make a note of this: Using “I” or “Myself” instead of “Me” doesn’t make you smart. Using the wrong word at wrong time will actually backfire and make you sound like you don’t know what you are talking about. It’s actually a good idea to not use “Myself” at all, remember that it just doesn’t work as the replacement of “Me.”

Descriptive words are better

It is advised to avoid using adverbs. For example, “very” is used in a pretty common manner in sentences. However, if your vocabulary allows, replace the same by a stronger word. Remember using “very” often diminishes your perceived intelligence. Instead of using “very rude”, usage of “vulgar” is advised. Similarly, you don’t have to use “very poor”; “destitute” is a better word any day. That being said, you shouldn’t use a word that you are not familiar with. Make sure to stay away from complex phrases and bigger words – these make you sound pretentious to others.

Professional Ethics

Avoid Filler words

You may end up using filler words without even understanding. Filler words sound forced and imply that you lack imagination. Using filler words usually give the other person an impression that you don’t know what to say or that you are nervous. If something piques your interest, be more descriptive in depicting that.

Decisive words are helpful

Don’t use words that leave things open to interpretation. Don’t make yourself sound or look like that you are not sure about yourself. Certain words such as “definitely” or “absolutely” sound decisive – so try to incorporate these into your conversations. It’s better not to use terms such as “I think” or “I believe” as these kind of imply that you are not sure of what you are talking about.

Sentence structure is important

You may think that sentence structure doesn’t have any impact, but, you’re wrong. Improper usage will lessen the impact of your statement. Most of the times, we make the mistake of directly stating what we need in order to complete a task. However, it’s better to convey that you will finish the task first and then ask for the additional help you require. It’s important to sell the idea first, thus, getting the resources become easy.

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Don’t apologize unnecessarily

There is nothing wrong in saying sorry when you have made a mistake. However, some make it a habit to say sorry for all the little things – not appreciated at all! Saying sorry unnecessarily make you appear weak – not a perception that you would like your colleagues to have about you.

Write a proper email

Starting from subject line, introduction to conclusion – everything is important while writing an email. The subject line is the one that will determine if your email will be opened or be moved to trash folder. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes – this helps you in composing a better email subject. Similarly, your email sign off should not always be the same - this start looking a bit cheesy after a certain point of time. Conclude your email with something that’s relevant to the conversation that you are having – thereby adding a bit of your personal touch.

Now, the final word – don’t fake. The tips mentioned are supposed to enhance your professional life. That being said, you can never pretend to be someone that you are not. Bring authenticity to the table and you are already on your way to be a winner.


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