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Be an ATM Business Entrepreneur, Work Less, Live More, and Enjoy a Better Lifestyle

Updated on March 16, 2015

Passive Income

How does a consistent passive income of a few hundreds of dollars a month sound like to you? You might be wondering how to change your circumstances and live a more affluent lifestyle. You may be thinking about new ways to take charge of your own future. If you are keen about money matters, there are a handful of possibilities available to new entrepreneurs such as yourself.

Part-time or full time options are there for the taking if you are willing to take a small risk. Some of these business opportunities provide better annual returns compared to other ventures. We recommend that you look into becoming an ATM Business entrepreneur aka Independent ATM Deployer.

Where to invest your money

New entrepreneurs now have the option to invest their savings on a business that is guaranteed to give much better annual returns within a reasonable amount of time than any typically investment strategy.

Instead of just letting your money sit in a low bearing interest account at a bank, you can own one or more ATM machines placed at highly strategic locations. You can use funds from low interest accounts, money market accounts, or matured Certificates of Deposits for this type of investment and make a decent living without constantly exerting time and effort. If you do things right, you can look forward to enjoying consistent 25% - 100% annual returns on investments.

One legitimate business opportunity and the details of how it works are within your reach. Learning more about passive income opportunities in the ATM Business could be your ticket to the life that you have been dreaming about—a big house, luxury vacations, and financial stability for your whole family. If you want to work less and live more, read on and take the first step now.


How the ATM business makes money for investors

Automated teller machines or ATMs may be installed anywhere. Many people use ATM machines, especially those that do not like to carry around paper money. They rely on machines that they can access anytime they need cash on hand. These machines are everywhere, particularly high traffic areas. The usual locations are at or near banks, hotels, restaurants, residential complexes, hospitals, retail stores, convenience stores, bus and train stations, public venues such as stadiums and malls, bars, and other areas frequented by the masses. The amount of revenue that a machine garners in a year’s time depends on the number of people who use the unit per day.

How exactly does one earn from the ATM business? When someone uses a non-bank ATM, the owner of the machine can earn an income from the transaction surcharge. The ATM owner sets the surcharge. Many ATM's are charging up to $3.00 per transaction or more to withdraw funds. The ATM machine collects this surcharge fee from users.

In high traffic areas, the number of individuals using the machine per day could reach anywhere from 10-20. If you do the math, total earnings amount to hundreds of dollars in a month’s time from just one machine, and all of that is passive income.

You do not have to devote much of your time, and yet you earn a hefty sum. Some investors enjoy total earnings ranging from a few hundred to several thousand per month.

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Location, location, location

Nevertheless, the secret to success in this business is location. Before even thinking about the processing and communication methods that are most suited for your needs, invest time and resources on determining where to install the machine.

Investors who enter into the ATM Business earn their keep and enjoy higher passive income from the ATM machines that are located in prime spots. Establishing ATM's at a number of locations that are in grave need of these machines is one way of diversifying chances to increase profits. As such, ATM entrepreneurs must first scout locations and determine the areas frequented by people who use cash instead of credit.

The ATM Industry has a “rule of thumb” formula to figure out if a place would be a good candidate for an ATM machine.

  1. The first rule of thumb is that 3 – 5% of people that actually see an ATM machine in an establishment will likely use the ATM.
  2. The 2nd rule of thumb follows the norm that the number of adult patrons an establishment has in a given day, that same number plus or minus 10% will use the ATM on a monthly basis

How Much Can You Make?

Average ATM Machine Cost
Average Mo. Transactions
Monthly Revenue at $2.50 Fee
Free Standing - $2500
Thru-The-Wall - $4000
The average cost of a free standing ATM is about $2500. If just 6 people use the ATM per day, that machine would have 180 monthly transactions. If the average surcharge was $2.50 that ATM would generate $450 in monthly revenue.

It's Not Complicated

Owning and operating an ATM machine is not that complicated. Nevertheless, for those who are starting out and have no prior experience as an entrepreneur, it is important to learn about relevant investment strategies to make the most of the business opportunity. A valid recourse is to invest on an ATM Franchise. A budding entrepreneur who is keeping a regular job but also wants to earn passive income on a part-time basis can take this option and make the most of the support provided by the franchiser.

Another valid move is to find reliable resources such as books and periodicals to serve as business blueprint or guidebook. There are comprehensive resources that offer sound advice to people who are veering away from franchising and are open to other alternatives.

Unlimited Potential

With the right knowledge and the proper set of tools, any entrepreneur can start building an ATM business with or without prior experience. Management solutions are helpful in that they can maximize the potential for success, and offer help as well for those who are planning to expand current operations in the hope of gaining higher income.

Overseeing an ATM business takes time to master, but if you start out having the right kind of knowledge about the niche you are entering, then you can make the best choices in establishing business relationships and ensuring that your ATM business reaches its utmost potential.

© 2015 Noah Wieder


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