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Be expensive or be real?

Updated on March 10, 2017

First off, before you even start selling a person something, even if you want to sell the cheapest thing ever or the most expensive thing in the shop, you must 'connect' to the client.

When a client enters your shop, don't run at him and ask to help.

Let this person breath and understand what he sees.

Say 'hello' like a good person, and make sure the client feels comfortable and not attacked by your sales and products prices.

For example:

*Client got into the shop.*

What do you do?

Say "hello!"

The client might ignore.

If he will, just let him be.

If the client says 'hello' back at you, ask "How are you?" Or maybe "Good to see you again" if it's a client that comes very frequently.

Now you need to use a key phrase.

What's a key phrase?

That is the sentence you say before you start your sale.

Although it's just a sentence, you must know HOW to start and how to ask.

Sometimes even WHICH sentence to use.

If the client looks at a specific product, allow yourself to relax and look as if you are always happy and calm, then ask "those puzzles are so beautiful, aren't they?" (Example)

Sometimes you might be able to be a bit rude or cheeky and say something like: "You are so focused on your goal, I can tell from miles away! Why don't you let me show you some cool stuff?"

If the client would ask questions or say things no matter how wrong the things he might say are, be patient and answer every question or tell that person all he needs to know of your products.

If the client tries to find something that is high quality but cheap, show him ONLY what is GOOD and not putting you at risk of getting it back with one less client.

If you have something that is better but expensive and the clinic insists he wants a very cheap but it's low quality product, tell him the TRUTH.


Seller: "So those are really great"

Client: "but I can't really spend that much money! What if this one?"

Seller:"It is cheaper, yes, but I must say this product is NOT very recommended. It does a very bad job at what you want to achieve. Although what I showed you is more money out of your pocket, it worthwhile to put money on it. I would rather you enjoy the product for a longer time then this one. It won't last too long."

And never ignore that opportunity if it is reversed!

If someone wants to get a very expensive product that you KNOW is BAD no matter how many times they might say 'but I can afford it' lead them away from it.

Say : "it is cheaper but trust me it is way better then this one. I prefer telling you the truth then letting you purchase something too expensive that will make you complain at the end."

That is a general rule.

If a client sees you are honest although you could have charged for more, he WILL come again and spend more money next time.

Now as for Clubs and Subscriptions in your store; no matter how much this club costs and how long it lasts, you must make the client realise it's a waste of money to give up on subscribing.

"You know, that club grants you points! Every point is one dollar! Let me explain... Today you have two toys. Both of them together are 68.99$ right? If you join our club subscription today, you will earn 10℅ every time you purchase. Here, today you already have 6.8 points for joining our club! The club costs 2 dollars for a year, but you earn these points and every point is a dollar! You earn real money to purchase here and reduce the price next time. And there are special offers for club members every few weeks!"

If a client is refusing you, that's fine.

Selling to people is all about learning and mistaking.

My tips for you are; be kind, become the client's 'best buddy' and make him feel at home.

Good luck selling whatever it is you want to sell :)

Process of Sales

  1. Let the client feel comfortable
  2. Be kind and patient
  3. Explain nicely and calmly
  4. Make sure the client knows you are honest with him
  5. Offer a club card if available and make sure to tell the client it saves him lots of money

Now; do you think you know more, and you are more aware of the things happening with sales and all?

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