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Make Money Online:How About $100?

Updated on July 3, 2014
Write articles to earn money online
Write articles to earn money online | Source

Write and earn $100 per article

Writing online is one way to earn cash. Anyone can write and make money. Cashing in on this digital wave, content publishing platforms pay writers to produce quality content. That's why there're sites that pay $1 and then there're sites that pay $100 for every article you write and publish. If you're hooked to reading online,by now, you must be familiar with the rules. Original content, conversational tone, humor, use of active voice and your unique twist-to-the-tale are the prerequisites to writing articles on the internet.

If you value your time and don't want to labor for $1-$5, I suggest you start with these sites. And yes, don't forget to open a PayPal account. Most of these sites will send in your pay to your PayPal account.


Create a list of 10 unique things on any topic in approx.1500 words and submit. You know the drill - on publication you get paid $100. To chose your topic, read the articles published on the web site. You'll get the drift.


Are you funny? Can you make your friends laugh through your witty and smart observations? Then give writing for this UK site a shot. You can also send in your infographics. You don't even have to master Photoshop to send infographics, just share your idea. If they find it funny, they will pay for your idea alone.


Can you write list-based articles? Can you write on entertainment, music, gaming, sports, WWE and offbeat topics? Note: you don't have to write on all the aforementioned topics -- simply write on the topic of your choice and expose your article to 4 million unique readers each month. WhatCulture is one of UK’s top 100 most visited websites. Now, the most important part -- payment. WhatCulture is looking for both feature writers and news correspondents and contributors who wish to do both. feature writers earn £0.40 per 1000 views (PayPal payment only, converted to local currency). The best writers regularly make upwards of £100′s a month on this basis. news writers can now earn a flat rate of £1 for every 250 word minimum news piece they produce. This is a set rate and will eventually increase to £1.50 per post after 25 news stories and £2 per post after 75 news posts.


Pitch within 250 words to write for the Smithsonian website. You need to be an established freelance writer to pitch. Give it a go. If you succeed, you can make $100 or above for a 200-300 words article. They pay 50-60 cents per word.

Harvard Business Review

If your interest lies in the business world, you can write for this prestigious publication. You can choose from any of their segments to write. Just send in your proposal within 500-750 words and wait for them to revert. The pay is somewhere between $1-$2 per word. This means there's a fair chance of getting $100 for a 100 words article, post editorial review and on publication.


  • These sites allow people of all nationalities to write for them. You don't have to be based out of the US or UK to write.
  • However, you must be exceptionally good in your area of knowledge -- especially for Harvard Business Review. Don't waste your time, if you've no clue on how to write business articles.
  • For Listverse, Cracked or WhatCulture, you can send in list-based articles. List-based articles are currently the rage.
  • Provide an introduction before you begin your list. Don't directly jump into your topic.
  • Do make your list unique. Choose an appropriate and interesting title.
  • Keep your sub-headers interesting to retain readers. As many readers will simply scan through the sub-headers.
  • List-based articles are mostly 1500-2500 words in length.
  • You may or may not provide a conclusion.

Tips on making money online

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© 2014 Chitrangada Mukherjee


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    • profile image

      Writer Burned 3 years ago

      I'd be cautious about recommending WhatCulture to people.

      They have a history of plagiarism, using wildly misleading job descriptions to lure in writers under false pretenses, stringing potential employees along, and withholding pay. Also, there's a cap on how long your page views get counted, so the figures you quoted are misleading.

      Maybe they're worth checking out if you're desperate for cash, and willing to take the risk, but they're not great for your portfolio.