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Become a Social Media Rock Star with these 5 Best Tips!

Updated on July 3, 2015

SMM Secrets

Social networking sites are like big party events taking place somewhere on the planet, except it’s virtual. Anyone can be famous in them and this is denoted by the number of followers, subscribers, likes, shares and comments on your page. But it takes some serious grooming of your internet skills in order to get tens of thousands of subscribers in the social media sphere…and if you really want to become a social media rock star, then you have to be the master in posting updates, images, videos and content!

Here are 5 best tips for you to become “THE ONE” in social networking sites:

1. Start with your communication skills.

The internet is considered a communication device and the business of telecommunications really comes down to help people connect and talk. Now, social media is where all communications concentrate and there are billions of voices in there, so it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. You’ll need to say sensible things to cut through the chatter and be the focus of their attention. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Make your blogs above par. Blogs and wall posts require excellent grammar to at least be interesting to read. But that’s not the only thing that matters in writing content for social media sites and you’ll need to have a clear, informative and straightforward in your posts. Write as if you’re talking to your buddies and not as a newspaper journalist and remember to proofread your work before you publish them.
  • Use images that reflect your blog posts’ ideas. Let’s face it, 70% of net users surf the web because they want to see stuff 99% of the time and once a compelling image or video catches their attention, then they read stuff related to it. How do I know this is true? Because I do that all the time! Only 30% of web users go online to find something nice to read and what’s more sad is that they do this 1% of the time. So, standardize your blogs and updates with high quality images that have something to do with your topics also. The engagement rate of blogs with images is 40% higher than those that do not have them.
  • Use your own videos or source it elsewhere. It would be great if you can create nice videos to attach to your web content; however, if you can’t do this, then there are tons of videos that you can share from sites like Vimeo, YouTube and others. All the same, make sure that they are relevant to your blog posts.
  • Join social networks and business pages. Joining Facebook and Twitter has become a cliché that newbies are unaware that there are 6 dozen other social networking sites out there with great benefits for business also. Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Vine are just a few to mention. There is also a slide presentations-focused community called, SlideShare. You can convert your content into a SlideShare presentation and broadcast it to thousands of users, get subscribers and followers and then practically build a fan base for your business from there.
  • Be on time when you respond to questions and queries. Under normal circumstances, people don’t like to wait in line, I mean, wouldn’t you? Well, it’s the same with your followers, so if they ask you questions or queries you answer them as soon as possible. If you think you’re too busy to constantly watch your social media profiles and business pages, then hire a social media manager to do it for you. You’ll find it convenient and even cost-effective than doing it yourself; still it’s better if you tend to your fans/customers yourself though.
  • Be real but be professional. Remember, there good and bad people on the internet too, so exercise caution as you progress. As your social-media strategy grows, you may see some angry or insensitive replies/ When you start out your social media page, you’ll get good comments from followers, but as you gain fame and support some people tend to be jealous about it and they become what has been affectionately called by web users as “internet trolls.” They’ll post angry and insulting comments but it only reflects their own failures in life, so never ever take it personally. Try to always diffuse the situation and if they don’t cooperate after several attempts on warning and befriending them, then you can block them permanently.

2. Promote Yourself Through Paid Ads
It is a fact that while using social media sites is for free, the owners of these websites run a business, and they’ll use their website’s popularity rating as leverage on you if you decide to grow your business page with them. Not to worry, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, I mean, it’s normal so, yes, I’d encourage you to buy paid ads to promote yourself out there! You’ll get a good ROI in a matter of 6 months and it won’t cost you too much also.

It’s important to understand that a bunch of people on the web have varied interests, so use targeted ads instead of just one to aim at audiences; thankfully most social networking sites have customizable ads that you can purchase. You can adjust the demographic settings about the age, area of residence, preferences in food, clothing, gadgets, relationships, news media etc. of your audience. So that in one ad you will target people who likes bowling or burritos and in another you could target politically opinionated people and so on and so forth. The goal is to bring all these different people to know and like your business.

3. Steer Away from Self-Focused Content

Posting about your company and your success constantly may not always work towards your favor. Like I mentioned a while back, be real but be professional, do post funny stuff, helpful news, things that uplift the human spirit and even other people. It makes your business page more interesting because you pay attention to the world and quite possibly its needs; and people like to read about that. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Answer Questions. Twitter is a good source in searching for questions that you can provide answers to in order to bolster your online reputation; and that’s because they use hash tags. But as you may know most social networking sites offer the option to link your profiles together, which is better because when you post or answer a question in Twitter, for instance, your post will be updated in all of your social media accounts; thus generating more leads.
  • Google. You can also use Google to look for topics and discuss it through your Google+ account.
  • Curate Content. Posting links to blog posts about useful and updated information on your social media profiles gives you credibility. So, even if your followers will read these blogs and other content on redirected sites, the fact, that they clicked it from your wall post means that they got the information from you is a bonus for your social media business page.
  • Comment. Being you own “man” or “woman” is essential in reputation-building, especially on the web. So voice your opinion on hot topics to stir response from your subscribers.

4. Reach Out to your Target Demographics
Your wall posts and updates are only visible to 60% - 70% of your subscribers and this is because of the changing algorithms that social media sites uses to redirect traffic (visitors/users) to wherever they want to. It’s unfortunate, but like I mentioned before it’s part of their business, I mean, hey! Everybody’s got to make money in order to survive, right? Instead of complaining about this you can use this seemingly disadvantageous predicament into a tool for marketing and you advertise beyond your sphere of influence.

5. The only Place where Flattery is Encouraged

Here’s a very good tip that’s useful! Find the industry and major influencers like the Pope or Katy Perry or somebody of similar reputation, but instead of following them, follow their subscribers! Why? Because they’re likely to respond to you than the celebs will do.

Make sure to retweet, like, favorite or share interesting stuff you’ll find on social media sites. If you think the blog post or news is awesome and deserves an annotation, then create a blog post related to it and place the blog post link in your own blog as a backlink. Doing this will not only make you popular but credible as well, so you see, in social media indulging in flattery is a good thing as it will benefit your business, but I hope not your ego though.

Remember to set your expectations to low even though it goes without saying that you need to make your social media page visible to as many people as possible. These five tips are good but do make more research into how to build better social media marketing strategies to get ahead of the curve.

Do you think you can become a Social Media Rockstar and make insane amounts of cash on the web?

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