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Become a Telus or Shaw Contractor

Updated on March 13, 2011

Shaw and Telus are telecom providers in BC, Canada. They hire contractors to do much of the actual work. I've been checking the opportunity for an unemployed buddy.

The benefits of being a contractor include the independence of being your own boss.

The work entails doing installs and post-install support on customer premises. Installs involve hooking up to the NID or Central Office (CO), connecting to the pole outside the customer's home. Installing cable/phone line for multiple outlets. Work has expanded to installing Voice over IP (VOIP) phone systems and digital TV systems.

Of course they're looking for experienced people or at least people with an electrical background. You also need to complete background checks since you're entering people's homes and businesses.

Telus wants you buy or lease a van. Telus is picky about the van color - they want a white van. SHAW is mre flexible - I've seen SHAW contractors with an assortment of vans and SUVs. If you have the cash a bucket lift van saves can save you humping up and down a ladder all day long.

You'll also need to register a business name plus buy a business license. It's important  to buy appropriate liability insurance. You'll want to open a separate business account in your business name.

My feedback is that contractors can earn about $1000/week after a years experience.


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      luc 5 years ago

      Who would you contact, and or what department would you contact