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Becoming A Contractor Has Its Rewards

Updated on March 22, 2011

Despite what you might have previously heard, a career as a self-employed building contractor can be quite rewarding. If you already have a skill and have the personality required to run a small business then you should give the notion your most serious consideration. If you're on the fence and just can't make up your mind, take a gander at the following excellent reasons to become a contractor.

1. As a self-employed general contractor, your potential earnings have an extremely high ceiling. The amount of money you make directly correlates to how much you apply yourself and work hard. This is in stark contrast to a typical 9-5 job where your income can never advance beyond a certain level, even if you're one of the company's most prolific work horses. By owning a business you can also benefit from the leverage that is afforded to entrepreneurs to make even more money through replication. At some point you can replace yourself with laborers, thereby overseeing several crews which can accomplish more in a day than you ever could have done by yourself in a whole week.  If you really want to get ambitious you can even open multiple locations or franchises down the road, and this is the kind of move that can transform a six-figure contractor into a downright wealthy contractor.

2. Self-employed contractors have the liberty to make and alter their work schedule as they see fit. If you want to take a three-week family vacation then you can just go for it. By comparison, if you were a faceless employee for a company you'd probably have to beg or grovel just to get a week off. If there's an illness in the family or an emergency that requires your urgent attention then you can just drop what you're doing and attend to it. That's why highly independent people are great candidates for business ownership, and not so much for wage slavery.

3. You have a real opportunity to strengthen your body and improve your overall quality of life. One of the dirty little secrets about corporate desk work that most people don't talk about is that you more easily pack on the pounds and lose muscle due to a lack of physical exertion. Contractors, on the other hand, spend most if not all of their time being physically active which quite often results in a leaner, more toned body and a healthier cardiovascular system. This is especially true of skilled workers like roofers, framers, and landscapers because they are constantly on the move. You just have to make sure to protect your eyes and skin from UV damage if you do a lot of outdoor contracting work.

4. Self-employed contractors can legitimately make the claim that they are creating something of lasting value. You have the opportunity to build a deck or remodel a master bathroom and walk away with the satisfaction that it will provide a family with a tangible and truly meaningful upgrade to their home. Many jobs these days just don't offer that same level of pride in being able to offer something real and truly helpful to homeowners and consumers. One of the things that give life real meaning is knowing that your life's work is having a lasting impact of the lives of others.

5. You have the power to stand up for yourself without having to worry about being fired or corrected. If you have to deal with an insane customer or homeowner you have the power to tell them off because you're the head honcho. Compare this to a regular job where you'd be expected to apologize and practically beg a total stranger for forgiveness, no matter how idiotic or ridiculous the customer is. Some people have no problem laying down for a customer but the more prideful types should consider business ownership instead.

6. You'll one day be able to pass down a profitable business to your children or other relatives. There is great satisfaction in knowing that the empire you've built from the ground up will continue to be a cash-spewing machine for your kids and grandkids even after you've retired. No doubt it will evolve and grow with time, but you'll be able to say that you started the journey and turned the enterprise from a mere dream into a physical reality.

So there you have it - six outstanding reasons for becoming a contractor. Perhaps now is the time to stop whining about your boring, meaningless day job and start building your own small business. I promise you that it will enrich your life in more ways than you could possibly imagine.


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