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Becoming a Football Coach More Lucrative than Becoming a Doctor?

Updated on March 25, 2010

Becoming a Football Coach Pays!

Hit the books, work hard, get an education or just go into coaching? At the top of every profession there are those individuals who excel above their peers. But who would have thought coaching football could be so profitable? It’s no surprise that USC’s Pete Carrol tops the list, making a base salary of $4.4 million. Are these coaches really promoting student athletics, or are they simply padding their own bottom line?

  1. Pete Carrol, USC, $4.4 million
  2. Charlie Weis, Notre Dame, $4.2 million
  3. Nick Saban, Alabama, $3.9 million
  4. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma, $3.8 million
  5. Les Miles, LSU, $3.8 million
  6. Jim Tressel, OhioState, $$3.5 million
  7. Urban Meyer, Florida, $3.4 million
  8. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa, $3.03 million
  9. Mack Brown, Texas, $2.91 million
  10. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas, $2.9 million

Overall, there are nearly 70 coaches who make over a million a year. Society has spoken and entertainment is priority… at least in the minds of College Administrators that write the checks. Becoming a Football Coach pays! The average pay of the top 10 National Football League coaches is $3.5 to $8 million per year.

On the plus side these coaches control their own destiny by winning.  Lose and you get replaced... win and you get rewarded.  The coaches on this Top 10 list consistently have their teams in the Top 20 Nationwide Football Polls.  And the fans are the voters!  Compare that to CEO's who just write themselves pay raises regardless of the companies performance. I guess the real question is why does society value sport so much?

USA Today Reports on College Coaches Salaries

This year, for the first time, the average earnings of the 120 major-college football coaches hit $1 million, a USA TODAY analysis finds. That's not counting the benefits, perks and myriad bonuses in their contracts.

At least 50 coaches are making seven figures, seven more than a year ago. At least a dozen are pulling down $2 million or more, up from nine in 2006. Last season, Stoops was the only one making more than $3 million.

The reason is simple… College Football is big big business. Winning programs bring in truckloads of money millions and millions.

Even without competition for their coaches' services, most schools are digging deeper into their budgets in December and January to pay incentives to their coaches for winning conference championships, getting to bowl games, drawing fans and keeping their players in good academic standing.

It's an investment, school officials say, in the health of a sport that's the revenue-generating backbone of most major-college athletics programs. Successful teams pump up ticket sales and prices, television rights fees, marketing revenue, donations and even applications for admission to the universities.

Maybe it’s time to start Paying the College Football Players?

They players are the source of the revenue, and they can get some pretty healthy “benefits” from free educations, tutors, free room and board, and special treatment in the class room. Yes indeed the athletes do get special treatment in the classroom. I went to a University that made sure of it… and I know because I lived in housing units with the Athletes. Take off on an extended road trip and have your homework done for you when you return. That’s the reality. Need something? It magically appears. Unfortunately this special treatment doesn’t correlate to graduation.

But wouldn’t it just be better to create a revenue sharing model and quit pretending? Why not just pay the players after all they really are professionals. The coaches and universities are raking it in… why not the workers?

What do you think?

Florida Football Coach Urban Meyer is a $4 Million Man

45 Year old 2x NCAA Football Champion Coach Florida's Urban Meyer
45 Year old 2x NCAA Football Champion Coach Florida's Urban Meyer


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