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Becoming a Home Tutor: Qualities and Methods

Updated on September 24, 2014

Easy ways to get home Tuitions

I have in these section have furtively outlined the ways to get home tuitions for the beginners.I would be happy to explain the points further at the behest of my readers.

1. The first way is to try to get in contacts with the teachers of a coaching centers since they are also involved in home tutoring business. A more better way is to tech in a coaching center unless you get an offer for home tution.

2.The other way is to pay to an agency which acts as a mediator between the guardians and the teacher.It(Payment given to the agency) is usually the half of first month`s salary of the teacher.

3. In more advance cities it is commendable to register of sites which provide tutoring options on a commission basis.

4. There is a site named Skill Pages which offer a section in which one can post his skill as a home tutor and get tuitions in his area.

5. You must never hesitate on small offers-- when you are a beginner. Big offers only make their way for the experienced so it is never a folly to commence with a small offer.

About the Article

All of us want a good education for our children and siblings. In this modern world where skill is the ultimate requirement for earning money, the need for a good education becomes more relevant. I have --as a teacher and home tutor -- found out that there are certain qualities that a good home tutor must have in order to pursue his profession with dignity and satisfaction. There is no doubt that good will of a teacher towards his students is the stem on which all the qualities-- that I have outlined below-- rest and hence the only prerequisite that I require is the good will and love for the students.

What is this article all about ? It deals with the methods to set up home tutoring and earn money but imparting the good knowledge that you have about a particular subject. A home tutor well earns money to finance his future study plans and this one of the easiest way to earn money in part time.

Home Tutoring is a Lucrative Profession for Students

Home Tutoring is the easiest way to earn money after a break through.
Home Tutoring is the easiest way to earn money after a break through. | Source

The teacher inside you

Which of the qualities you think you have already ?

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Precautions when dealing with guardians

There are many precautions which a beginner must take into consideration while dealing with the parents about his fee. I have outlined them below.

1. Unless the party to whom the tutor is required to deliver his services, is well known, a tutor must clear his terms and conditions and his fee in advance.

2. A tutor must never be eager to deal. Eagerness appears as a constraint to the guardians and this destroys the impression of the teacher. Remember, it is guardians who remains always in greater need.

3.Never give so many reasons for your higher fee to the guardians. They well know that quality deserves money.

4.Do not think that all the guardians are honest and just. My friends told me about some of the most cunning guardians they had met in span of their tutoring career. It is recommended that you do not compromise with your dignity and integrity of your profession.

5. Speak only the relevant.

1. A student learns more from the habits of the teacher, rather than his words

A good home tutor must have habits that do not produce any bad impression on
the serene minds of the children. A good home tutor understands that it is his duty to maintain certain things when dealing with the students-- coming on time, caring, cleanliness etc.

Remember! Children are great imitators hence give them something great to imitate.

2. A teacher not only imparts knowledge but also a good character

A good teacher is always passionate to plant -- in his students-- good habits and discipline.An uncontrolled quantity of water is nothing but a source misery to the people. In the same way an intelligent child having no control over himself and his habits is nothing but a threat to society. A good home tutor always checks that the habits of his students are synonymous with moral codes and standards expected from a good student.

3. A teacher should not be sadistic

Now, there may be many counter arguments against this point by many who believe that punishment is must for some students. What I intend to convey here is that children are very vulnerable and hence they can be directed on the right path by little efforts. A good home tutor understands that it is the duty of a teacher to understand the science of an adolescent mind. I just sometime show my red eyes and they (my students) check their negligent work quickly.

AryaBhatta: An ancient scholar and Teacher

A great teacher and a Scholar.
A great teacher and a Scholar. | Source

5. A teacher must be very conscientious to moral codes

This is indeed very important since many of things cannot be effectively taught to students without certain qualities. Suppose, for example, take the case of Mathematics: it cannot be taught well to the students unless the student is patient, honest in his efforts and hard-working. A teacher can only impart these qualities when he himself is dexterous in these qualities.

4. A teacher should not be very strict

A strict teacher has many disadvantages and a few advantages.The disadvantage he has is: he cannot be emotionally recognized by his students and they won`t share their many problems which make the teaching a very formal and a hard task-- since a teacher won`t be able to understand his students and hence he won`t be able to teach them effectively. A strict teacher also becomes very boring and dull to many students. The few advantages that I see is that he may be able to control his class, complete his course on time but he won`t be able to make students realize the need of discipline and inculcate consciousness for many things that are not present in the course-book.

6. A teacher must have a sense of responsiblity

Responsibility is perhaps the quality which wins a teacher trust of the students and the guardian. A good teacher always remains honest to his profession. He ascertains that he is educating the student in all the necessary directions needed. What I exactly mean to say here is that-- for example-- some teachers stress on the knowledge and some on marks but both are necessary in this competitive world hence a teacher must be responsible for both of the things.

7. A teacher must be well versed in his area of teaching

This is the quality which is soul of many commercial teachers but care must be taken that it must
not be every thing for a teacher. Indeed a teacher must be well versed-- since he won`t be able to impart the subject clearly to his students until he himself understands it well. A good home tutor understands that this is core of his profession but rest of the things are required too.

Home Tutions are good sources of income in Urban Areas

Metropolitan cities offer good options for expert teachers as a home tutors.
Metropolitan cities offer good options for expert teachers as a home tutors. | Source

8. A teacher must speak only the relevant

A wise teacher knows that it is best to speak only the relevant. This saves him from many troubles that arises from the talkative nature and attains him the respect of his students. Although it must not be done at the expense of informality but he must speak only the relevant. There are many advantages such as: effective control over the students, saving energy, high productivity etc.

9. A teacher builds the habit

A good teacher ascertains that he helps the student only when the help is genuinely required. Helping students more than necessary makes students lazy and negligent. Self-dependency becomes important factor in students later life. Hence a good teacher always takes care of
this. We all know that habits are like a tree which is planted as a seed in present and it produces it`s output in future. Hence it is the duty of the teacher to build not only the present but also develop consciousness in the student`s mind for his bright future.

10. A teacher must have the autonomy

I have seen that many guardians are very fastidious and a teacher must not accept the frequent interruptions from the guardians. A good teacher is always confident about his methods.


I welcome the criticisms and comments from my readers. Any suggestions from my readers would be deeply appreciated and appended if relevant.I have done my best to make this article as user friendly as possible but "To err is human".

I would be grateful to you if you point out any mistake.



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